How to Embed Consumer Quoting

Have an EZLynx Agency Website? Skip this because we'll embed CQ for you.

Once EZLynx creates your agency's Consumer Quoting portal, we'll email the CQ embed link to the CQ Admin.

When a consumer clicks the “Get a Quote” button, they are prompted to complete a rating application.  The form displays the agency’s logo and contact information.  Or, when embedded in a frame, the form looks identical to the rest of the website.

Pick an embed option below and follow it's instructions:  

  1. Use an iframe - visitors stay on the agency website throughout the CQ process.
    • Forward the CQ embed link email to your webmaster.

  2. Or, use the "Get a Quote" button - when clicked, the website visitor is taken to a new page away from the agency website.
    • Click here to create a "Get a Quote" button (have your CQ embed link ready).  
    • Send the button's embed code to your webmaster.
    • Upload your agency logo to display on the application pages:
      • Hover over the Settings icon and select Consumer Quoting. Missing this option? Contact 
      • Select the CP to configure (some agencies have more than one CQ portal).
      • Click the Preferences tab, and go to Upload Image to display on Consumer Quoting area.
      • Click the Upload Agency Logo button.
      • Choose a medium-sized, high-quality image file from your computer.
      • Crop image, if desired.
      • Click Next.
      • Preview the image, then click Done.

EZTip: CQ links can also be pasted into the body of emails and/or incorporated into email signatures – so prospects can quote directly from emails.

How to Embed Client Center

Once EZLynx creates your agency’s Client Center, we’ll send the agency's Admin an email that includes: 

  • The Client Center link - which can be added to email signatures or the body of emails to provide customers with quick access to the Client Center.
  • The Client Center html code - used to embed Client Center access on the agency’s website.
    • If we’re creating an Agency Website for you, we’ll take care of this step, otherwise send the html code to your IT person.