There are two common reasons that users receive the “cookies must be enabled” message when logging into EZLynx.

  • The computer's date or time is set incorrectly
  • Cookies need to be enabled in the browser

Update the Date and Time on your computer:

  • Check the date and time at the lower right corner of your computer screen (not the EZLynx web page) - Making sure to check the hour, minute, time zone, and AM/PM.
  • If any of these are set incorrectly, even if time is off by just a few minutes, it can cause this login error message.
  • Right click this area, and select Adjust date/time
  • Make any necessary changes.
  • Return to the EZLynx login page and log in.

To enable cookies (dependent upon your browser type):


  • Click the Chrome menu (3 bars icon at upper right of screen or red circle with white *up* arrow).
  • Select Settings from the drop-down
  • Scroll down, and click Advanced settings
  • At the Privacy and security section, click Site Settings
  • Under Permissions, click Cookies
  • Click to Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) and Keep local data only until you quit your browser