Lead Source is an optional field in EZLynx, but if your agency makes it a standard practice to enter a Lead Source for every applicant, you'll be able to run a valuable Lead Source report to help your agency sell more business.  

The Admin's agency setup tasks:

  1. Customize your agency's Lead Source menu:  
    • Hover over the Settings icon, and select Manage Lead Sources.
    • EZLynx provides several lead sources by default - any of these can be hidden if desired.
      • To remove an existing lead source, go to the right and click Hide.
    • Add lead sources as desired.
      • To add a new lead source, click the Add Lead Source button at the upper right.  NOTE: Once added, a lead source can't be edited. If an incorrect lead source is added, hide the incorrect lead source then add the new version.
  2. Instruct users to add the lead source to every new applicant:
    • Go to an applicant's Lead Info tab.
    • Click Edit at the bottom right of the page.
    • At Lead Source, select from the agency's customized list.
    • Click Save at the bottom of the page.