Accessing Your Products

A black navigation bar with icons is available on the left side of all EZLynx screens. This bar is used to navigate to different pages in EZLynx in order to accomplish various tasks.

 To navigate within EZLynx:

  • Go to the vertical black bar on the left side of all EZLynx screens.
  • Hover over an icon; click a menu item to land on a new page.
  • Some icons don’t have menus; in this case, simply click the icon to land on a new page.
  • It is a very good idea to familiarize yourself with your icons and menus, so you can accomplish tasks more quickly.

Agency Directory

The Directory provides all users with quick access to agency contacts. Agency contacts may include carrier reps, lead generating vendors, financial institutions, etc. For agencies with branches in their EZLynx setup, the Directory currently does NOT transfer from the main office to any branches.

To add an agency contact:

  • Hover over the Dashboard icon, select Directory.

  • Click Add Entry and add contact information.
  • Be sure to click Save when done.