Account Access

By default, EZLynx gives every new user access to ALL applicants within their own office.  

Agency Admin's Task:


1.  Determine your agency's EZLynx office setup - this can affect users' access to applicant accounts. 

     EZTip: An agency with more than one physical location may or may not be set-up in EZLynx with branches. Unsure about your agency's office set-up? Contact

2.  Review a complete list of your agency's users and decide if the default access is appropriate for each.    

     Should any user(s) have one of the special access below?  If so, contact

  • No Peer Access: With this setup, a user can only access the applicant's they are "Assigned To".  See screenshot below.
  • Admin Application Manager: This setup allows a main office user to access all applicants at the main office AND any branch offices. 

EZTip: Do you have a branch user who should have access to all applicants at the main office AND any branch offices? If so, contact

Management System Access

Email to add or remove management system access for a user's EZLynx account.  

In your request, include the user's name and the type of access (as outlined below).  

Management System access can only be provided by EZLynx. There are two types of EZLynx Management System user access.  It is important that each user in an agency is set up with the appropriate access level:

Basic User Access:

  • Includes only basic Management System features.

Admin Access:
  • Includes all basic management system features, PLUS - Commissions, Policy Management Reports, & Unmatched Policy Downloads. 
  • Admins listed on the EZLynx contract are automatically given this.