If you need to reconcile a Bank Account in QuickBooks, EZLynx details can help.

Click the Accounting icon before following either of sets of instructions below.  

To reconcile deposits to a bank account:

  1. Hover over Accounting icon, and select Reporting.
  2. Click the Cash tab, then select the Deposit Summary Report.
  3. Enter the date range for the reconciliation period, and click Run Report.

              This report provides the total that appears in the QuickBooks bank account, along with a breakdown of the deposit's receipts.

To reconcile payments from a bank account:

  1. Hover over Accounting icon and select Payables.
  2. Set the reconciliation period date range.
  3. Click the Reference # header to sort checks.
  4. At right, click Actions and select Check Detail.     

          The payment total on the Check Detail Report matches what's shown in QuickBooks, along with the breakdown of the individual checks.