Occasionally, agencies need to make a payment to the carrier for a direct bill policy before the customer pays the agency. Please follow the instructions below to record this in EZLynx.


To create the payment to the carrier:

  • Locate the customer and go to their Invoices tab
  • Click Add Direct Bill Payment 
    • Select the policy
    • Enter the date
    • Always select the Payment Type - Credit/EFT
    • Enter the Amount Due to the Carrier
    • At Amount Received - Enter $0
    • Check Sweep Account if the carrier takes the money out of your bank account.
      • Optionally, leave this unchecked, and create the check manually later.
    • Click Save

This creates the payable to the carrier and leaves an Accounts Receivable balance for the customer that appears on your Aged Receivables report. 


To record the customer's payment later:

  • Locate the customer and go to their Invoices tab.
  • Click Add Receipt, and complete required fields.
  • Click Save.
  • Go to Payables:
    • Click Add Check
    • Complete applicable fields
    • NOTE:  Make sure to select the applicant as the Payee
    • Select Credit/EFT
    • Click Save
    • On Checks screen:
      • Click Actions
      • Select Refund Unapplied
        • Select receipts with the negative and positive amounts. Update the Apply Amount field to reflect the correct amounts and the check amount should be $0.
        • Click Save
    • On Checks screen, Click Actions
    • Select Submit to finalize check