What is Driver / Vehicle Lookup?

EZLynx Driver and Vehicle Lookup is an optional feature that saves time by pulling complete driver and vehicle information that is used to obtain more accurate quotes. With the click of a button, driver and vehicle data is pulled from public records based on the applicant’s name and physical address.  Select drivers and vehicles to add to the EZLynx rating application. It’s recommended to only use this feature when the applicant has been at their current address for at least a year.

How much does Driver / Vehicle Lookup cost?

This feature is a Driver/Vehicle combo pull.  Click the Lookup button on both the Driver Info and Vehicles tabs, for one .58 fee.  Some agencies MAY receive complimentary uses, which are displayed on the right of the green lookup button. Complimentary lookups are shared with everyone at the agency.

How do I setup Driver / Vehicle Lookup?

Driver / Vehicle Lookup can be added to your EZLynx account at any time, but a LexisNexis account is required. As a courtesy, we can send LexisNexis an account setup request on behalf of your agency.  Normally LexisNexis creates an agency account in 2 – 3 weeks, but it can take longer if the agency doesn’t respond to LexisNexis emails. LexisNexis notifies EZLynx when the agency’s account is setup, then we immediately add the Driver/Vehicle Lookup to the agency’s EZLynx account.  

If your agency already has a LexisNexis account, it can be setup with EZLynx immediately.

After setup, how do I use Driver Lookup?

1. Within an EZLynx auto rating application, go to the Driver Info tab. 

2. Click the green Driver Lookup button. 

3. Accept the Driver Lookup Usage Agreement and click Continue. 

4. Place checkmarks by the drivers to add to the auto application. 

5. Click the Add Selected Drivers button. 

Questions? Contact support@ezlynx.com