Select one of the following workflows depending on how your agency handles a negative commission statement. For example, Some carriers require the balance to be paid, while other carriers wait for the next positive balance statement and pay the difference. 


To pay the carrier the negative statement balance:

  • Access the negative commission statement in EZLynx.
  • Update & Approve the statement.
  • Click Add Receipt
  • Enter the negative statement balance amount. 
  • At Payment Type, select Cash.
  • Click Save.
  • Finalize the negative commission statement.
  • Create the Check to pay the carrier in EZLynx, and then print the check from QuickBooks.
    • Hover over the Accounting icon and select Payables.
    • Click Add Check.
    • Select the Payee,  Branch, & Bank Account.
    • Enter remaining details, and Save.
      • Click Actions, and select Refund Credits.
      • Check the box(es) to be paid to the carrier, and enter POSITIVE dollar amounts on the right.
        • EZTIP: The Balance Column displays the Negative dollar amount that is outstanding to the carrier. Type this same POSITIVE  dollar amount into the Apply Amount field.
      • Click Save, then click Actions, and select Submit.
      • Export the check the QuickBooks to print.


To wait for the next positive statement balance: 

  • Once available in EZLynx, access both commission statements
  • Update & Approve both statements.
  • Hover over the Accounting icon and select Receivables.
  • Click Add Receipt.
  • Enter the total amount the carrier paid for the combined statements.
  • Enter the required info, and Save.
  • Click Actions>Apply by DB Statement.
  • Select the negative statement and Save.
  • Repeat steps 7 - 8 for the second statement.