Create a Deposit

At the start of each deposit period, an admin will create a deposit. This provides a place for other accounting users to add payments as they’re collected. At the end of the deposit period, an admin will finalize the deposit.

  • Hover over the Accounting icon, select Receivables, and click the Deposits tab.
  • Click Add Deposit, and enter the required information, including Branch.
  • At Control Total, enter the number 1 as a holding place until deposit is finalized and Save. 

Finalize a Deposit

  1. Hover over the Accounting icon, select Receivables, and click the Deposits tab.
  2. Click the Date column header to sort the column with most recent deposits at top; locate the current day’s deposit.
  3. Click Reference # on the left to open deposit.
  4. Verify the Receipt Total matches the deposit slip.
  5. To increase the Receipt Total, click Add Receipt.
  6. To remove a receipt that doesn’t belong on the deposit, use Remove to the right of the receipt.
  7. To modify the Control/Deposit Total, click Actions, and Edit.
  8. Click Actions, and Finalize.