If a receipt is added to a deposit and finalized, but the receipt is later reversed, then the Deposit Total & Receipt Total for that deposit won't match until the below steps are taken. 


In the image below,the Deposit Total=Control Total, and Receipt Total=Total.




Correct Reversal Steps for Receipts & Deposits:

  1.  Deposits
  2.  Receipts


Steps to resolve Receipts & Deposits:

  1. Locate original deposit & take a screenshot of all receipts and deposit reference info (bank account, date, amount). 
  2. Reverse deposit.
    • Click Actions, and select Refund Reverse. 
  3.  Create new deposit with original deposit reference info.
  4.  Add all original receipts to deposit. 
    • If the reversed receipt was never re-created, then finalize deposit now.
    • If the reversed receipt was re-created and it should be a part of this deposit, then add it now. If not, then finalize deposit now, and add the re-created receipt to the      correct deposit later.