If a direct bill cash payable is added to a check and finalized, but the direct bill cash receipt is later reversed, then a negative payable will exist until one of the below steps is taken.


Correct Reversal Steps for Direct Bill Cash Receipts& Checks:

  1. Checks
  2. Direct Bill Cash Receipts


Steps to resolve a negative payable (choose one):

  1. Locate & reverse original check.
    • After obtaining direct bill cash receipt reference #, click Accounting icon & hover to choose General Ledger.
    • On Postings screen, enter direct bill cash receipt reference #.
    • Click Payment Type to sort until Check appears.
    • The check reference # will appear under the Payment Ref. # column.
    • Reverse check




  1. Add negative payable line items as a credit to a check, which will also clear the open payable.