Click here for the EZLynx Accounting User Manual.

With EZLynx Accounting, it is easy to create an installment invoice. 


To create a new installment invoice:

  • From the Overview tab, select Create Invoice.
  • View the Summary section
  • At Invoice Type, select Installments.
  • Enter No. of Installments – excluding the deposit (down payment).
  • Select Frequency of payments.
  • At Equal Installments:
    • Only if a percentage down deposit is made, uncheck the box, and enter Percentage Down amount –  the remaining payments will be equal.

  • Add additional line items for taxes and fees, if appropriate.
  • Click Actions, and Create Invoice.
  •  The Installment Allocation window appears:
    • Confirm each invoice effective date is correct.
    • If necessary, change the Net Premium, Retained Commission and/or External Commission percentage(s) by clicking the corresponding % icon (percent sign) from the Installment column.
    • Enter the new percentage amount and click Calculate. This re-calculates the deposit and monthly installments.
    • Click Save, and land on the Invoices page. 

  • To record the deposit, locate the invoice, from the Actions column, click Select.
  • Click Pay, then the New Receipt tab.
  • At Comment, enter carrier name and last four digits of policy #.
  • At Deposit, select the appropriate day’s deposit reference # or leave it set to None.
  • Click Save.
  • The payment is received, applied and ready for deposit in order to pay the carrier

The update installments feature is only used when there is a change in premium for existing installment invoices.

To update an Installment Invoice:

  • Locate the applicant.
  • From the Overview tab, locate the policy.
  • At right, click Actions, select Change.
  • At Change of Premium field, enter additional amount.
  • At Generate Invoice, select Yes, click Save.
  • At Invoice Type, select Update Installments.
  • Click Create Invoice – the system automatically locates the existing installment invoice.
  • In the Update Installments window, only edit the first payment amount, then click the Calculator icon to re-calculate the remaining payments.
  • Click Save.