EZLynx is dedicated to providing you with valuable training resources! There are many different training resources to cater to everyone's learning style. 

  • Help Articles - Inside EZLynx there's an extensive supply of documents, videos, and guides for clients to self-service just like this article! We are consistently adding to this knowledge base to improve its usability for our customers.

  • EZLynx University Training Courses - On demand and at the user’s leisure. We find when customers complete this before attending the webinars it's most beneficial. It allows everyone to start at the same level and understand the baseline of using EZLynx.

  • Live Instructor Led Webinar Training - We have created many different webinars that cover a wide range of topics for anyone in your agency to register for. These will be no more than 1 hour for each webinar, and are held weekly. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email detailing how you should join the webinar. Please keep in mind the webinar times are in Central time.

  • Prerecorded YouTube Videos - We have utilized YouTube to deliver prerecorded information for you to access whenever you would like without waiting for an appointment. They cover a lot of the same information that can be found in the live instructor led webinar trainings. If you enjoy the content, please feel free to subscribe to the channel as we are consistently adding new videos to improve its usability.

  • Office HoursA public, drop-in Q&A session to ask specific training questions as you learn, practice, and apply EZLynx workflows.

  • Paid Training - If you are interested in the opportunity to purchase 1:1 training, you can do so by speaking directly with your sales representative. They can guide you through what you will need to do to get that started, as well as notify the training team to move forward with the purchased training.