EZLynx Consumer Quoting gathers lead information from an agency’s website; consumers visiting the site can complete a rating application and submit it for a quote. The submitted application automatically creates a new applicant in the agency’s EZLynx account. This eliminates the need to collect data manually.

Agencies have two options once an application is submitted via the CQ portal - either provide live quotes instantly or provide a message that an agent will contact the consumer shortly.

Click here for the Consumer Quoting Guide

ALL CQ Carrier Logins must be set for an agency to provide CQLive quotes. 

In order for consumers to receive live quotes from an agency’s website via Consumer Quoting Live, the carrier logins must be kept up-to-date and ALL carrier defaults must be set. We use the designated CQ Admin’s carrier logins for CQLive. Therefore, it is important to know which user in your agency is designated as the CQ Admin.

Click here for Set or Update Carrier Logins for CQLive

ALL CQ Carrier Defaults must be set for an agency to provide CQLive quotes. 

During the initial setup of a new CQ portal, our onboarding team sets the carrier defaults.  However, if an agency adds a new carrier to the CQ line-up at a later date, the CQ Admin is responsible  for setting the new carrier's CQ defaults.

Use CQ Self Admin to Set Carrier Defaults:

  1. Hover over the Settings icon, and select Consumer Quoting. If you're missing this option, contact cqsupport@ezlynx.com.
  2. Select the portal from the drop-down list (some agencies have more than one portal).
  3. Click the Rating State tab, and select the rating states.
  4. Click the Carrier Selection tab, and select the carriers for each rating state.
  5. Click the Carrier Defaultstab, and set ALL defaults.
    • If the Carrier Defaults are set in your own EZLynx user account, you can use them to set the CQ defaults.
    • A default MUST BE SET FOR EVERY question, even if it prompts for the information twice - otherwise, the carrier's quotes will fail.