Once an invoice is created, it cannot be edited by any user. If the agency commission was entered incorrectly, follow these steps to create a $0 premium invoice to adjust the commission amount the agency will keep before paying the premium to the carrier.


To create a $0 premium invoice:

  1. From the applicant's Overview screen, click Create Invoice.
  2. Select the Policy from the dropdown, and click Create Invoice.
  3. At Gross Commission, set the value to $, and enter the adjusted commission amount.
    1. If this commission is owed to the carrier, enter a negative commission amount.
    2. If the agency is keeping the commission, enter a positive commission amount.
  4. At Billing Premium, enter $0. This MUST be done AFTER entering the commission amount.
  5. Verify the Invoice Total is $0 - this means the customer owes nothing at this time. Remember that they paid on the original invoice.
  6. Review the line item details to ensure all money is moving between Net Premium and Retained Commission.
    1. Retained Commission - Internal Split should show any commissions owed to the producer, if applicable.
  7. Click blue Actions button at top, middle of screen, and select Create Invoice.
  8. When creating check to carrier for premium, select all line items from BOTH the original and $0 premium invoices.