Unmatched Downloads are downloads that come from Carriers that do not automatically match to an account in your organization. This can happen if the information in the download does not 100% match the information in your EZLynx Account. It is the responsibility of the Management System Admins of your agency to check on the Unmatched Downloads on a daily basis to make sure that your customer accounts stay up-to-date. 

In order to access and match unmatched downloads you must have the following pre-requisites:

  • Must have "Download Admin" permissions/access.
  • Must be at the Main Office level. Users at the branch level cannot manage unmatched downloads unless they have their own IVANS account setup within EZLynx. 


How EZLynx Matches Downloads

When EZLynx receives a policy download from a Carrier, our system will attempt to match the policy download based on the order below.

First Attempt -  Policy Information

  • Policy #  - (Please Note: We don't Consider Policy Extensions)
  • Line of Business
  • Writing Company's NAIC Code

If all three of the criteria above do not 100% match a policy already established in your organization's account, our system will attempt to match the policy download based on the next criteria. 

Second Attempt -  Account Information

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Social Security Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Zip Code

If all five of the criteria above do not 100% match an account already established in your organization's account, our system will attempt to match the policy download based on the final criteria below. 

Third Attempt - Phone Number 

  • Phone Number on the downloads must match to only one unique account in the system. 
  • If there are multiple accounts with the same phone number, our system will not match the policy download.

If the above three attempts do not 100% match a policy or account already established in your organization, our system will place the policy download in the Unmatched Folder to allow the Management System Admins of your organization to match the policy download to the appropriate account & policy. 

How to Access Unmatched Downloads

1. To access Unmatched Policy Downloads, go to the Policy Transactions page by either clicking the All Unmatched link in the Policy Downloads box on the Home Page, or hovering over the Management System icon and clicking Policy Transactions.

2. Once on the page, click the Unmatched tab. 

Matching Downloads to an Existing Customer

If you know you already have an existing customer that matches this policy, you simply need to connect the dots by finding the customer and matching the unmatched download to the correct policy. 

1. Click arrow on the left to Expand the line item. 

2. Click the Search button.

3. Type in the Search box or check Advanced Search Options for a wide variety of filters.

4. Locate the existing account and expand the Policies section under the account.

5. Click Create button if the policy doesn't already exist on the customer's account or if the policy does already exist on the customer's account click the Match button next to the correct policy.

Please note: If you match the transaction to the wrong policy, you have to contact Download Support at EZLynx and your Carrier to get this fixed, so choose wisely. If you are unsure, you can click on the policy to open it in a new tab and confirm it's the right one before clicking Match.

Using Unmatched Downloads to Create an Account & Policy

If an account or policy doesn’t already exist in the system, you can automatically create a new account and policy from the unmatched download.

1. Check the Create new account and policy from transaction button.

2. At Assign To, select a user.

3. Designate the account as Personal or Commercial lines.

4.Complete any other fields as appropriate, click Next

Removing Unnecessary Unmatched Downloads

Not all policy transactions that download into the agency's Unmatched folder might be necessary. There are certain instances in which you may no longer need a policy download in the Management System. if this is the case, use the steps below to learn how to permanently delete a policy download from your agency's EZLynx account.

Please note: Once you delete a policy download you will have to speak to your Carrier to have them send it again if this is done in error.

Deleting Single Transaction

1.  To delete a single download, click the arrow to Expand the line item.

2. Then, click the Delete Transaction button.

Deleting Multiple Transactions

1. To delete multiple transactions at once, click the Actions button. 

2. Then, click Select Transactions to Remove.

3. Check the boxes for the transactions you wish to delete. 

4. Click Remove Selected Transactions button when ready to delete, or the Cancel Transaction Removal button to cancel.