Use EZLynx Accounting to create checks which are any records of agency payments to carriers, customers and producers. Journal entries are created in EZLynx, then exported to QuickBooks for printing checks. With AutoPay, create checks for multiple payees from open payables in a single step; payables can include agency or direct bill payments, or producer payables.

To Use AutoPay:

  • Hover over the Accounting icon, select Payables, and click AutoPay.

  • Set the filters to pull the appropriate payable items:
    • Payable Items - all agency and direct bill payments, and producer payables.
      • Filter by a due date range, payee types, and paid-in-full payments.
    • At Additional Options, the Include Credits checkbox is used to apply credit invoices, for example - a premium refund. Always check this when paying producer commissions.
    • The Branches dropdown is available for agencies to select the applicable location.

  • Check boxes for the appropriate Payable Items and designate whether each is a Credit/EFT payment.
  • Also, check appropriate Submit boxes for the payable items (recommended).
    • Or, to modify the check before finalizing, leave the box unchecked.
  • At Auto Pay, select the disbursement Bank Account from the dropdown and click Create Checks.
  • All checks are individually created, finalized, and ready to export to QuickBooks for printing.