It’s important to create write-offs in the Accounting System to clear open AR or AP balances that won’t be collected or paid by the agency. If a customer pays less than their invoice total and the agency won’t collect the remaining amount – create an AR write off to clear the balance in the books. Create an AP write-off, if your agency owes a carrier, producer or customer, but pays less than the total amount due.  The write off clears the AP balance.

Create a Write-Off for an Open Invoice

  • Hover over the Accounting icon and select Receivables for AR or Payables for AP.
  • Click the Write-Offs tab, then Add Write-Off at upper right.
  • At Payer/Payee, select the customer and leave Date set to current date.
  • Click Save.
  • At the write-off line, click Actions on the right, then Select Line Items.
  • Search for the invoice by number.
  • Select all invoice line items.
  • Click Add, then Next.
  • At each line item, enter the balance amount as the Write-off Amount.
  • Click Save.
  • Leave the Status as Submitted.
  •  The write-off will transfer to QuickBooks during the next GL export from EZLynx