EZLynx Accounting reports are accessed by hovering over the accounting icon and choosing Reporting. Each report can be exported to Excel for sorting and filtering.

General Ledger Report

Trial Balance- the account balance as of a selected date

  • Helpful for comparing the year-to-date cash flow total to the current balance.
  • May be inaccurate if starting balances were added to QuickBooks – still useful to verify the QuickBooks increase or decrease based on EZLynx Accounting entries.

GL Posting Detail- transactions created within a given date range

  • Date range - based on transaction date, not posting date.
  • Transaction Date – date information was entered in EZLynx.
  • Posting Date – true date transaction occurred.
  • Export # – used to trace a transaction’s export file.

Cash Report

  • Cash Receipts – all receipts; grouped by Payment Type:  either cash, check or credit/EFT.
    • Includes producer who created a transaction – for tracking errors.
    • Date range - based on posting date.
  • Deposit Summary –by bank account; for reconciling QuickBooks.
    • Starting and Ending date ranges are based on deposit posting date.
    • Deposit Reference # - used to locate an exact deposit for reconciling purposes.
  • Check Register – track outgoing money by bank account.
    • Based on check posting date.
    • Check Export # - easy reference tool.
  • Unapplied Cash – receipts with unapplied balances.
    • Unapplied cash should be $0.
    • Use the Receipt # to clear unapplied balances; to do this, apply an action to the receipt like “Apply to Invoice” or “Apply as a DB Cash Payment”, etc…
  • Undeposited Funds – used to ensure every cash or check receipt is deposited to a bank account.
    • Create a bank deposit for any undeposited cash or check receipt.
    • Credit or EFT receipts do not require a separate deposit; the receipt window provides the bank account and Send to QuickBooks options.
  • Direct Bill Cash – identify collected direct bill payments that haven’t been paid to carriers.
    • Change the Unpaid Only option to ‘No’ to locate direct bill disbursement transactions; check can then be located and verified.
    • Enter a date range for the receipt, by posting date.


  • Aged Receivables – track outstanding invoice balances.
    • Displays current amount due, and 30/60/90 days past due amounts.
  • Aged Receivables by Branch – track account balances by branch.
  • Invoice Summary – retained agency billed commission totals.
    • Use Direct Bill Commission (management system) report for the agency’s current direct bill commissions.


  • Payable Work List – track open Payables; by producer or billing company.
    • Depends on an accurate “Invoice Due Date” date range.
    • Enter “As of Date” as 30 days after the ending Payable Due Date.
    • May not include all direct bill producer Payables because based on Transaction. Date (policy effective date) line items on the commission statement.  All direct bill producer payables are immediately available to pay producers with a check.


  • Production by Producer – agency billed transactions; grouped by producer.
    • Use the Commissions by Producer report for current Direct Bill producer information
  • Invoice Line Item Detail – agency or direct billed transactions; detail or summary view available.
    • This report will allow you to filter by a specific line item type within a date range to easily total all collected fees.


  • Payee List – used to check if a Payee already exists in EZLynx Accounting.
    • Note: a Writing Company is NOT a Billing Company.
    • Only a Billing Company can be selected on a receipt or check.
  • User List – for viewing each user’s Accounting permissions.