In Accounting, the Payable Worklist is where you will be able to view all of the Commissions Payable to your Producers in EZLynx. The Payable Worklist will show the commission earned per producer, & well as be a reference when writing checks to producers.

For the Payable Worklist to be accurate, commission must be added the following ways:

Run the Payable Worklist:

  • Click on the Accounting Icon
  • Select Reporting, then Select Payables.
  • Click on the Payable Worklist:
    • Set the Payee Type: Internal Producer
    • Leave the As of Date as today
    • Payable due date from: The payable here are based off of the payable due date, it is a good rule of thumb to expand the date range here to see all of the commissions
    • Payable due date to: For this to include any future effective policies you will want to expand the date range at least a month or two
    • Unpaid Only: Yes - Set this to yes to only see the commissions that you have not added onto a check in EZLynx
    • Show Invoice Detail: Use this setting to show more or less detail
    • Branches: Use this setting to run the report for all branches or one specific branch
    • Group by Branch: Select Yes to see commission grouped by branch.
  • Run Report - This report will now show each producers commission to clear the payables listed you will need to create checks to each producer.

Create Checks to Pay your Producers using Add Check or Auto Pay:

  • Add Check - Go to Accounting, then Payables, Select Add Check.
    • Enter the Payee as the Internal Producer you are wanting to Pay then fill out the basic check information, click Save.

    • On the Apply Check By Line Item screen, click the box next to the line item(s) to check, then click Add.
    • When they are in the Select Items area, click Next - this will give you a breakdown of the total of the line items you are adding, click Save.
    • Continue adding line items until all that are needed have been added.
    • To finalize, click Actions > Submit - This will finalize the check so it can then be exported to QuickBooks, where it can be printed.