Q.   Which versions of QuickBooks are supported by EZLynx Accounting?

A.   EZLynx Accounting supports all versions of QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online.


Q.   Does EZLynx Accounting support accounting at the branch level?

A.   Yes! Interactive branch accounting is available in EZLynx Accounting.

Q.   Can I import data from my current accounting system into EZLynx Accounting?

A.   No, however EZLynx Accounting tracks all new accounting information. QuickBooks allows entering of beginning balances. An agency can print reports from their prior Accounting software program to save for historical records.

Q.   When moving to EZLynx Accounting, when should my prior accounting system be turned off?

A.   We suggest using the prior accounting system until its account balances are moved to QuickBooks. (For a cleaner transition, we also advise to wait until the last date of a quarter or period.)

Q.   Can I print checks from EZLynx Accounting?

A.   EZLynx supports check integration with QuickBooks. Once checks are exported from EZLynx and imported to QuickBooks, they can be printed.

Q.   Can I edit or delete an invoice, receipt or deposit?

A.   EZLynx Accounting supports a reversal process that retains an audit trail. The reversal process creates the off-setting transactions/journal entries necessary for updating the transactions.

Q.   Can I pay bills with EZLynx Accounting?

A.   Carriers, producers, clients and third party payees can be paid using EZLynx Accounting. Operating expenses must be paid using a different Accounting software program.

Q.   Can I process payroll with EZLynx Accounting?

A.   No, however EZLynx accounting can be used to process Commission Payables.