Looking to setup & customize your Sales Center settings to suit your agency's needs? This article will help you find the different Sales Center settings to help you customize features for the User Permissions, New Opportunity Assignment, Sales Center Automated Events, Producer Management and Process Management.


User Permissions

An admin sets the users’ view of opportunities. The view is set so that basic users are able to see each other’s opportunities - or not.

  • Hover over the Sales Center icon, select Settings.

  • Go to the New Opportunity Management tab.
  • At User Views, toggle the On/Offswitch to the desired setting.
    • ON = Basic users can view all opportunities, regardless of the assigned producer.
      • Still only admins can re-assign opportunities.
    • OFF = Basic users only see their own assigned opportunities.
      • EZTip:  An admin can always view all opportunities regardless of this setting.
  • Click Save.

New Opportunity Assignment

When a new opportunity is created, it can be assigned to a specific user or left unassigned. An admin can set a user to automatically be assigned to these unassigned opportunities.

EZTip: This should be an admin user so they have the ability to re-assign opportunities.

  • Hover over the Sales Center icon, and select Settings.
  • Go to the New Opportunity Management tab.
  • At New Opportunity Assignment, select a producer from the drop-down menu. 
  • Click Save.


Sales Center Automated Events

An admin has the option to automatically create or close opportunities based on certain events.

For each option below, simply click to toggle On or Off:

  • Create New Opportunities
    • Each time a new applicant is created in EZLynx, a new opportunity can be automatically created. 
  • Create Opportunities During Quoting
    • Each time an auto or home quote is submitted without an engaged active policy, EZLynx will automatically create a new opportunity in Sales Center and associate the quote with the opportunity.
  • Link Policies to Opportunities
    • When a policy downloads or a new policy is manually entered, EZLynx will automatically associate it to the respective opportunity and close the opportunity as bound. 
    • The finalized premium will also be entered for reporting purposes.

Producer Management

When a producer is assigned to an opportunity, the producer is notified in any combination of these ways; by email, Agency Workspace notification and/or text (only available to agencies with EZLynx Text Messaging). An admin has the ability to manage each producer’s notifications.

  • Hover over the Sales Center icon, select Settings.
  • Go to the New Opportunity Management tab.
  • At Producer Management, next to each producer, check boxes for the types of notifications the producer should receive.
    • Select a name display color for each producer. The colored names are used throughout Sales Center and help to quickly identify each producer’s related information.
    • Click the down arrow.
    • At rectangle on the right, select a color area.
    • At square on the left, select the specific color.
    • Click Select.
  • Click Save.

Review Email & Mobile # at My Contact Info

Sales Center basic users may receive email and/or text notifications for their assigned opportunities. To ensure these are received, each user should review their contact information in EZLynx. See our Updates! Account Settings Have Moved to see how to update your contact info whenever you need!

Process Management

An admin uses the Process Management settings to define the status options for moving opportunities through the Sales Center pipeline. We provide many options so that each agency can set the statuses to correspond with the agency’s sales workflow.

When a user sets an opportunity’s status, it defines which tab the system automatically moves the opportunity to within the Sales Center pipeline.

  • Hover over the Sales Center icon, select Settings.
  • Go to the Process Management tab.
  • The Status column lists the statuses you can use to move opportunities through the Sales Center pipeline. At right, check the boxes for the opportunity statuses your agency would like to use.
  • For each checked status, select the Tab to Move the opportunity to within the Sales Center for the given status – we have defaulted these to what we consider best practice.
  • Click Save.