EZLynx University (EZU) is full of training courses that include videos, pages of information, and quizzes to help you learn how to use EZLynx. It is on demand and can be taken at your leisure. With the Review Mode, you can use the EZU courses to refresh yourself on proper workflows, processes, and best practices. 

When you are enabled for EZU for the first time, the system will automatically assign you courses based on your current permissions within EZLynx. This makes sure you see the courses that are the most important to your current role at the agency. 

However, what if you get promoted and become an admin at your agency? Don't worry! When your EZLynx permissions are updated and you are granted access to new products or features, EZU will update assign you new courses based on your new permissions. It will not however, remove any past courses already assigned. 

The courses are ordered using 101, 102, and 103 as way to display the difficulty of the course.

  • 101 - Main EZLynx products and basic navigation knowledge of EZLynx such as Rating Engine
  • 102 - Add-on EZLynx products that require basic navigation knowledge of EZLynx such as Email Campaigns 
  • 103 - Advanced products that are connected to other EZLynx products such as Automation Center 

If you are looking for a course that you do not have assigned, check out our  EZLynx University - Content Library article to learn how to assign courses to yourself!

Note! EZLynx University is enabled during the onboarding process for new customers, and upon request. If you are interested in EZLynx University for your agency, please email ezusupport@ezlynx.com

How to Access EZU

EZU is tied to your EZLynx Account. Therefore, you do not need a separate username or password to access EZU! To login into your EZLynx Account, check out the EZLynx Login Page.

1. Once inside your EZLynx Account, hover over the Support icon, on the navigation bar to the left.

2. Then, click EZLynx University

Can't Find Your Courses?

If you are an EZLynx University Admin, you will land on the Admin View when you sign into EZLynx University 
instead of the Learner View. The Admin View is where you can check on your agency's EZLynx University progress by running reports. The Learner View is where you take the EZLynx University courses.

1. To navigate to the Learner View, click on the Profile Icon.
2. Click Switch to Learner View.
3. To navigate back to Admin View, click the Profile Icon again and this time click Switch to Admin View.