Bulk Re-Assignment allows an administrator in an agency to change the assignment of specific items in bulk. In the past, if you needed to re-assign accounts to a new agent, someone in the agency must change the assignment on the Lead info tab individually on each individual applicant. This was a very time consuming process. With the new Bulk Re-assignment feature, you will only have to perform a handful of clicks and you will be done. This will allow you to focus on more important tasks at hand. Note: any bulk reassigns scheduled before 5PM central will not run until 5PM central. Any after 7PM central will run 5PM the following day.

Accessing Bulk Re-Assignments

For those users with the appropriate permissions, you can access the bulk re-assignment feature via the Settings area in EZLynx

  • In EZLynx, go to Settings / Bulk Re-Assignment

This will navigate you to the Bulk Re-Assignment Overview page. 

  • Assigned To – allows you to assign applicants to another assigned to
  • Open Tasks – allows you to assign open tasks to another assignee 
  • Job Status – allows you to view information about bulk re-assignments

Assigned To Bulk Re-Assignments

The first item you will notice on the Bulk Re-Assignment Overview page is the Assigned To option. If you are needing to reassign applicants from one user to another, then this option will allow you to perform those request.

The first step you will need to take is to select the Current Assigned To you want to adjust in the system. Select users in the ‘Select Current Assigned To’ field.

Please note, in the ‘Current Assigned To’ list you will see ‘Inactive’ users. We have included inactive users for the purpose of re-assigning applicants from inactive users to active users.

Step two, after you have selected the ‘Current Assigned To,’ is to determine which applicants you want to update the Assigned To on. If you have a large list of applicants for a specific user, then you can filter the results in order to reduce the returns. You can filter the list by the following:

  • Applicant Type – All, Unknown, Prospect/Lead, Active, and Inactive
  • City
  • State
  • Zip Codes

You also have the ability to sort each of the columns. There is also a ‘Select All’ option. Selecting this will select all returned results.

After you have select the applicants to include in the re-assignment, make sure you have chosen the New Assigned To. Preforming this re-assignment will migrate the selected applicants from the ‘Current Assigned To’ in the system to your desired ‘New Assigned To.’

To perform the re-assignment select ‘Assign Applicants’ button.

This will provide you with a confirmation window of your re-assignment request. Also not that in the window you might see two additional options. First, if there are any open tasks associated to the Current Assigned To for the selected applicant(s), you have the option to reassign them to the New Assigned To. Second, if there are any email campaigns associated to the Current Assigned To for the selected applicant(s), you have the option to reassign them to the New Assigned To. Please note, that the email templates associated to the campaigns will need to be shared with others in your agency. If they are not, then the campaigns will be cancelled.

Assign Open Task to New Assignee

The second item you will notice on the Bulk Re-Assignment Overview page is the Open Tasks option. If you are needing to reassign tasks from one assignee to another, then this option will allow you to perform those requests. 

To access this reassignment request, select the Open Task option from the Bulk Re-Assignment overview page. The system will navigate you to the Open Task area where you will first need to select the Current Assignee. Open Task reassignments are done on an agency level. After selecting the Current Assignee, the grid below will populate with the applicant’s and their open tasks available for reassignment. We permit you to filter the page by All Applicants or you can search for a specific applicant. You can also filter the list created date of the task. Also remember, if you check the ‘Select All’ box, this will select all of the returned tasks for reassignment.

The final step in this re-assignment process is to choose who you would like the new Assignee to be on the open tasks. In the ‘New Assignee’ field, select the new assignee and then select the ‘Assign Task’ button. This button will not be enabled until you have selected a Current Assignee, New Assignee, and individual open tasks. Once you have click to reassign, a confirmation modal will appear asking you to confirm the request.

How to Cancel a Pending Bulk Re-Assignment

1. If you have Bulk Re-Assignment Permissions, hover over the Settings icon. 

2. Then, click Bulk Re-Assignment.

3. Click Job Status. This is where you can see all of your pending and completed jobs. 

4. For any job that is labeled as "Not Started" in the Status column, you will now see a new action called Cancel.

5. To cancel the queued request, simply click the CANCEL option.  

Attention! - The Cancel action will only be available while your Bulk Re-Assignment request is in queue. Once, the process has begun it cannot be canceled. Also, any requests submitted during the processing window (after 5pm CST) will automatically go into the process and the Cancel option will not be available.

6. Then, confirm that you want to cancel the pending job by clicking the Yes, Cancel Job button. 

7. To help you review the jobs you have cancelled, we have added the Cancel status in the Status filter option.