EZLynx has updated its Reporting feature to be geared towards providing a simple and user-friendly experience while having a more consistent look and improved functionality. 

If you are interested in our Reporting feature, please email sales@ezlynx.com 


Accessing Reports

1. Hover over the Reports icon. 

2. Click All Reports

To access a report, click on the card for the report you are interested in. This will take you into the report where you can see the filters available for that specific report. 

(Please note: The filters available are different for each report.) 

Saving a Report

Saving a report gives you to save parameters and re-run reports with those parameters in the future so you don't have to recreate the same report over and over again.

1. While inside any report, click the Save (floppy disk) icon. 

2. Give the report a name and describe the report's purpose. Then, click Save. A confirmation pop-up should appear to indicate the report was saved.

3. If your report has date filters such as Expiration Date - Start/End, then you will also be able to select a sliding date which will automatically populate if you go back to run the saved report again. 

4. Once saved, you can find the saved report under the Saved Reports section on the Reports Menu. 

(Please note: There are sections for each type of report under the Saved Reports section. These will only appear if you have a report saved from that category. These sections are to assist with finding your report quickly if you have lots of reports.)

5. By clicking the More button, you can run, share, schedule, edit, or delete a saved report. 

Sharing a Report

Sharing a report allows you to share a report with other users within your organization.

(Please note: If a user does not have Reports access and you share a report with them, they will not be able to see the report until they are granted access to the Reports feature. If you are interested in granting a user full access to reports or access to view-only reports, please have your agency admin email support@ezlynx.com

1. To share a report, click the More button and then click Share. This will take you to a new page.

2. Check the users you would like to share the report to.

3. Then, click Save. A confirmation pop-up should appear to indicate the report has been shared.

(Please note: There are many ways to filter down to the specific person you are looking for. )

  • You can use the Agency drop down to find the specific agency's users if you have branch offices. 
  • You can use the Search bar to find someone by name or username.
  • You can use the All Users drop down to filter to users that have the report shared to them already or not.
  • You can also check the box at the top to share it to everyone in your agency.

4. The Saved Report card will now indicate the number of users the report has been shared with. To see who this report is shared with use the More button and click Share again. Then, you can use the All Users drop down filter mentioned above. 

Schedule a Report

Scheduling a report allows you to schedule a report to run at a specified date and time and have those reports emailed directly to you as often as you would like. You can have the report delivered in an Excel or PDF format.

1. To schedule a report, click the More button and then click Schedule.

2. Fill in all the required fields.

3. Then, click Schedule. A confirmation pop-up should appear indicating that the report has been scheduled.

4. To manage your scheduled reports, click the Scheduled Reports section on the Reports Menu.

5. You can click the arrow on each line which will expand to show more information like the format the report was sent in.

6. Click the Actions button to run the report, edit the schedule, see the history, disable the report, or delete the report. 

Run the Report
This runs the report live at that point in time.
Edit ScheduleThis edits the schedule details including name, emails, format, frequency, and start date.
HistoryThis shows up to 25 previously run instances and their status.
DisableThis stops running the scheduled report. A report can be re-enabled at any time.
DeleteThis stops running the scheduled report and removes it from the list.