EZLynx has updated its Reporting feature to be geared towards providing a simple and user-friendly experience while having a more consistent look and improved functionality. The Applicant Detail report is a list of all applicants based on their type as well as several other key metrics. 

If you are interested in our Reporting feature, please email sales@ezlynx.com 

Available Filter Options

Filter NameFilter Function
Account TypeWhether the applicant is a Commercial or Personal applicant / Determined when creating the applicant
Applicant TypeWhether the applicant is Active, Inactive, Prospect/Lead, or Unknown / Found on the Details tab of an applicant
Assigned AgentWhich Agent is assigned to the applicant / Found on the Lead Info tab of an applicant
BranchWhich Agency's data to show on the report / The Agency is determined by the Assigned Agent on the Lead Info tab of an applicant 
RelationWhether the applicant is the Insured (Primary Applicant) or the Co-Applicant / This can be found on the Details tab of an applicant 

Navigating the New Applicant Detail Report

1. Report NavigationPage through the report as well as zoom in or out for a better view
2. Export and PrintExport the report to your computer or print the report in a PDF format
3. Search ReportSearch the report for a specific piece of information such as an account's name
4. Filter OptionFilters available that will allow you to change the data seen on the report
5. View ReportRefreshes the report to apply the filters chosen from the Filter Options
6. Minimize FiltersHide the filters for a better view of the report
7. ReportReport based on the filters chosen from the Filter Options
8. Sort
Sort A-Z or Z-A on the column in question

Best Workflow Practice

1. Use the drop-downs to choose the filters needed to pull the specific data you are looking for.  

2. Apply the filters by clicking the View Report button. 

3. Page through the data to confirm it is what you are looking for. 

4. Use either the Export feature to export the report onto your computer, or use the Print feature to print the report as a PDF.