EZLynx Client Center is your agency’s digital customer service representative. Because your clients’ needs don’t stop when your office is closed, online customer self-service is increasingly the norm. Client portals also decrease the number of general service calls to your agency during normal working hours, giving you more time to focus on larger issues. 

Below, we have listed some important ways your agency can leverage EZLynx Client Center to improve the customer experience for clients and prospects alike. 

Preview your digital capabilities to prospects

Provide a preview of your agency’s digital capabilities during the sales process by using EZLynx Client Center to share secure documents and communications.  When face-to-face isn’t convenient, EZLynx Client Center provides a secure online solution to keep the process moving forward. 

Self-Service anywhere for existing customers

Today’s customers expect their insurance agency to have an online customer service presence.  If your agency doesn’t have one, your clients are increasingly likely to find one that does. EZLynx Client Center provides the customer experience they demand. 
By serving as an online portal for clients to make secure requests and view important documents, EZLynx Client Center works as a 24/7 digital customer service representative. 
Here’s what your customers can do: 

View policies – Customers can view all their policies and better understand their coverages.   

Download ID cards – On the go and forgot their card (like a traffic stop)? No problem! Policy holders can retrieve ID cards to display on their mobile device, or print for safekeeping.  

Request changes  Policy change requests are logged immediately and sent to your agency. This enhances response times and increases productivity.  


Update information  Moving and need to change their mailing address? Clients can update all their information directly and at their convenience.  


Share policy documents – Client documents can be downloaded to print or save. Best of all, document sharing works in both directions. Clients can also upload documents securely and conveniently. 


Share proposal documents or pre-renewal account review questionnaires – The documents sharing feature is also ideal for communicating in remarketing situations. Again… when face-to-face isn’t convenient, EZLynx Client Center provides a secure online solution to keep the process moving forward. 


Promoting EZLynx Client Center to your Customers

Here are three ways your agency can promote its 24/7 online customer service tool.

1. Promote Client Center via Email Campaigns.


Use “EZLynx Template – Client Center” to send this tailor-made message to your clients. 



Be sure to insert your agency’s unique Client Center link into the above template.


2. Share a link via e-mail signature. 

Your agency’s unique Client Center link can be added to email signatures or the body of emails to provide customers with quick access to the Client Center. 


3. Embed Client Center access on your agency’s website. 

Use the following html code: 


<iframe src="https://customerservice.agentinsure.com/EzlynxCustomerService/HOSTNAME/Account/LogIn" name="EZLynx Customer Service Portal" height="1500" width="100%" frameborder="0">Your browser is unable to display frames. Please <a href="https://customerservice.agentinsure.com/EzlynxCustomerService/HOSTNAME/Account/LogIn">click here</a> to visit our secure customer service portal.</iframe> 




You can find the hostname under Client Center Settings. Click "Client Center" under Settings.


Highlighted above is the hostname.

(Please note: If we’re creating an Agency Website for you, we’ll take care of this step. Otherwise, provide the html code to your website developer.)