When a carrier does not send policies via downloads, you can input the policy information manually into the Management System. If you are not sure if a carrier supports downloads or not, see Downloading Carriers

You can add a shell of a policy for all lines of business available in our Management System. However to enter in the policy details manually for a policy, the line of business must be a supported line of business in EZLynx. 

If a line of business is supported, it means you can input the policy details into the policy entry screens. Once the data is inputted into the policy entry screens, you can have that information pre-fill into forms and certificates. To see which lines of business are currently supported in EZLynx, see Supported Lines of Business


Setting up the Master Carrier List for Policies - Admin Only Feature

The Master Carrier list is the list of carriers, companies, or brokerages you write business with. This is for both downloading and non-downloading carriers. For manual policies, the Master Carrier list populates the Master Company and Writing Company fields. If there is nothing on this Master Carrier List, you won't be able to add a manual policy. A Management System Admin can add to the Master Carrier list. 

1. Hover over the Settings icon.

2. Click Manage Carriers/Markets

3. Click the +Add New Master Company button.

4. Type in the carrier you would like to add to the list.

5. Click the Search button to search through our list of certified carriers.

6. Once you find the carrier you are looking for, click on the line

Did you know? Supported by EZLynx means that this carrier has chosen to go through our certification process to make sure their downloads come in accurately. 

7. To view carriers that are known but have not gone through our certification process, click View additional known carriers

8. If you don't see your carrier here or need to add a brokerage, click Other - Add a custom Company.

9. Once you have found selected your carrier, check the boxes of the underwriting companies you will be writing business with to add them to the Selected Writing Companies box on the right. 

10. Once all the writing companies are selected, click the Save button. Repeat steps 3-10 with all of the carriers, companies, or brokerages you will be writing business with. 

Note! It is best practice to only select the writing companies that you will be writing business with. We do not recommend Select All unless it is necessary. If you are unsure which writing companies to select, your carrier should be able to provide you with the necessary information. 

How to Add a Manual Policy

Now that the Master Carrier List is populated with the carriers you write business with, you can add manual policies. 

1. On the Overview tab, click the Actions button.

2. Click Add Policy

3. Fill in the required information.

4. To create a shell of a policy, click the Add Policy button.

5. To go to the policy entry screens to input policy details, click the Add & Edit Policy button.

Note! If the line of business you have selected is not currently a supported line of business you will only be able to create a shell of the policy which means the Add & Edit Policy button will be greyed out. To see which lines of business are currently supported in EZLynx, see Supported Lines of Business.