As an agency changes, the Agency Admin has the ability to manage users and carriers, download recent invoices, and set two-step verification security settings for the agency as a whole. These features are part of our Rating Engine product. 

Attention! - If you are a Member of a Market Access Provider, the Market Access Provider will be responsible for managing all users and carriers for you which means these features will not be included in your version of the Rating Engine product. This is to make sure there is no accidental breach of contract you have with the Market Access Provider. 


Managing Users

Managing your users includes adding new users, disabling old users, and updating user information such as last names, email addresses, phone number, permissions, etc. Each agency has a maximum number of users they can have enabled at one time. This maximum number of users is determined during the sales process. 

You can tell if you've reached your maximum user limit if you see the red alert on the Manage Users tab. If you have hit your maximum user limit and are looking to add more users, click the Buy More User Licenses in the red alert to increase the maximum user limit.

1. To add a user, click the Agency Admin (key) icon.

2. Under the Manage Users tab, click the Add User button.

Did you know? If you need to make the new user at a different office, you can use the drop-down next to your agency's name to select the office that needs the new user. 

3. Fill in the required information.

4. Check the boxes next to the products the user needs access to.

5. Click the Save button.

If you do not see a product, you want the user to have access to under the Group Name, email us at and we will be happy to assist with granting that user access. We do require written permission via email from the admin of your agency to make any kind of account changes.

Attention! - The Automation User box will NEVER be checked by default. This setting is only for accounts that will be used by web services API calls, when there is a need for a specific permission(s) that are not assigned to a physical user. 

6. To send the user their welcome email so they can setup their password for the first time, click Actions next to the new user.

7. Click Welcome Email

8. To edit a user's information or permissions, click Actions then Edit. 

9. To disable a user, click Actions then Disable

10. To send a forgot password email to a user, click Actions then Unlock User.

11. If you have a current user that has the exact product access you want a new user to have, click Actions then Clone User. Then all you will need to do is input the user's information. 

Did you know? It's best practice before disabling a user to confirm if the user has any open tasks. Any task still assigned to the disabled user will remain open. To re-assign open tasks in bulk to other users before disabling the user, see How To Use Bulk ReassignmentYou cannot use Bulk Reassignment to re-assign tasks if the user is already disabled. You will need to enable the user, re-assign the tasks, and then disable the user.

Also, if you are looking to disable users to save on cost, you MUST complete the Reduction User form and send it to Simply disabling a user from within will NOT reduce the cost. You can find the Reduction User form in the blue alert on the Manage Users tab.

11. To enable a disabled user, check the Include Disabled Users.

12. On the disabled user, click Actions then Enable.

Managing Carriers

Managing your carriers includes adding new carriers, removing old carriers, and updating the states your carriers are available for when you get new licensing. 

1. To add a carrier, click the Agency Admin (key) icon.

2. Click the Manage Carriers tab. 

3. Click the Change Auto Carriers or Change Home Carriers button.

3. Find the carrier you would like to add.

4. Check the state you want the carrier to be available for. If you would like to select all the states available for this carrier, click the carrier's name and it will check all the boxes for you. 

5. To remove a carrier, simply uncheck the boxes. If you want to remove all the states currently selected, click on the carrier's name twice and it will uncheck the boxes for you.

6. Once all the changes are made, click the Save button. 

Remember when a new carrier is added, the Carrier Logins will need to be set before you can begin quoting with the new carrier. To learn how to set Carrier Logins, see How to set Carrier Logins.

Note! Be very careful when removing carriers. If you remove all carriers for the Auto or Home sections, the Change Auto Carriers or Change Home Carriers button will become disabled. If this happens, please email support at with written permission via email from the admin at your agency so we can assist granting this access back. 

Did you know? A great tip for searching for a specific carrier is to press Ctrl + F on your keyboard which will bring up a search bar for your particular browser. Then, you can type in the name of the carrier you are looking for and it should move the page if that carrier is anywhere on the list.

EZLynx Invoices

1. To see your 3 most recent invoices for your EZLynx bill, click the Agency Admin (key) icon.

2. Click the Invoices tab. 

3. To open the invoice into your browser's PDF viewer, click the Invoice #. 

Two-Step Verification

Cyber security remains a top priority for EZLynx. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a way to make the EZLynx user login process more secure. Multi-factor (or two-factor, two-step, etc.) authentication ensures that just because someone has your password, they still cannot access your account until they complete another step to prove their identity.  They must also have access to a second means of authentication, usually in the form of your physical mobile phone, which most likely is never far away from your hand. 

1. To set the Two-Step Verification security settings for your agency, click the Agency Admin (key) icon.

2. Click the Security Settings tab.

3. Use the Two-Step Verification drop-down to select the security preferences for the agency as a whole. 

4. Click the Save button.

To learn how to enroll in the Two-Step Verification process, see Two-Step Verification for EZLynx Login.

Did you know? The best practice when enrolling in the Two-Step Verification is to setup your cell phone as the preferred method since delivery times from text message providers tends to vary less than email providers.