EZLynx Consumer Quoting gathers lead information from an agency's website. Customers visiting the site can complete a rating application and submit it for a quote. This eliminates the need to collect data manually.

Agencies have two ways they can setup their Consumer Quoting portal. 

  • Live Quoting - The Customer receives an instant live quote from any carriers that have been enabled by the Consumer Quoting Admin. 
  • Non-Live Quoting - The Customer receives a "Thank You!" message stating that you will reach out o them with your quote results. 

This article covers how to handle the Non-Live Quoting messages to make sure your leads hear from you!

Lead Request Notification

When a customer submits an application via Consumer Quoting, the designated Consumer Quoting Users will receive both an email and a notification in EZLynx telling them that a Lead Request has been submitted. The Consumer Quoting Admin can setup who the designated Consumer Quoting Users will be. 

If you are one of the designated Consumer Quoting Users, then you can find the notifications under the Alerts section on the Home Page.

Once you find the Lead Request you can locate the Customer's Account in EZLynx and go to the Quotes tab to review the results.