Quote Templates are a great time-saving feature that is available to all Rating Users. Add common answers to rating application questions to a template so it will pre-fill those fields when you are quoting a new customer. Even when a quote template is used you can still change the answers as you go. Create as many templates as you'd like and share them with all users in the agency! 

This article covers how to create, apply, and delete Quote Templates for faster Rating! 


Step 1 - Create a Dummy Account 

To make sure you don't lose any customer information while making the templates, we highly recommend making a dummy account to use for creating templates. You can always delete it after you are done! 

See our 101 - Customer Account/Applicant to learn how to make a customer account!

Step 2 - Create a Template

1. From your Dummy Account's Overview tab, click the Applications tab.

2. Then, click the Add Application button and choose Auto, Home, or Dwelling Fire.

3. From within the Rating Application, input only basic information that can be applied to different customers, like coverage information, credit check authorization, package discounts, etc. Once you have the application filled out how you like, go to the Valid tab. 

4. From the Valid tab, click the Save As Template button. 

5. Select whether you would like to create the template from as brand new or select a template that already exists to overwrite the existing template's answers.

6. Then, provide the template a name, set the Effective and Expiration dates pre-fills, and decide if you want to share your hard work with others in your agency or sub-agencies if applicable. 

7. Once everything is set, click the Save button. 

Repeat these steps for Auto, Home, and Dwelling Fire until you have made all the Quote Templates your heart desires!

Step 3 - Apply or Delete a Template

1. Once your templates are made, you can apply them from the Rating tab of the Applications on the Select Quote Template drop-down.

2. Then, click Apply to apply the templates answers to the Rating Application. Note! This will overwrite anything that was answered previously! 

3. To delete the template completely from existence, click the Delete button. Note! This will remove it from EZLynx entirely. You will have to recreate it if this was an accident.