Customer Accounts are the place you spend most of your time in EZLynx. They hold all your customer's information, quotes, documents, tasks and more. EZLynx calls Customer Accounts = Applicants! There are two types of Customer Accounts you can create - Personal or Commercial. 

  • Our Personal Accounts are available if you have our Rating Engine or Management System product. 
  • Our Commercial Accounts are available if you have our Management System product.

There is a lot to learn about both so let's dive in! This article will show you how to create and assign Customer Accounts! 


Creating a Customer Account

1. To create a Customer Account, hover over the Applicant Folder.

2. Then, click Create New Applicant to make a Personal Lines Account or click Create Commercial Applicant to create a Commercial Lines account

The main difference between the two is Personal Lines accounts can be used with our Rating Engine to retrieve real-time quotes, while Commercial Lines accounts can't. However, Commercial Lines accounts have the Business Name option which is what will pre-fill on the ACORD Forms. 

Once you click an option, it will take you to a new page which is what we call the Details tab. This is where you store all the customer's personal or business information. Depending on which option you choose, you'll notice some of the fields are different. For example, Commercial Accounts have a Business Name rather than the Personal Accounts First & Last Name

There is lots of fields to fill-in so we won't cover all of them but we will point out the super important ones! Either way the more information you input the better prepared you are for questions and the more detailed and accurate your reports will be in the long run, so try and answer as many as you can. 

Account Type

This is a great field to track as this will help you determine who is a lead, an active client, or an inactive client. This is super useful when running reports! This field can be found near the top of the Details tab. 

Customer Since

This is another great field for reporting! This is a date field that allows you to put in when this customer first popped up on your radar. This is a great way to see who your oldest vs. youngest customers. This is another field that can be found near the top of the Details tab. 

Lead Source

This field is a great way to track where this customer came from which is a great way to tell where the majority of your customers come from on a monthly basis. There are a lot of options to choose from, but an Agency Admin has the ability to add custom lead sources if needed! This field can be found in two different places on the Details tab depending on if you are working on a Personal or Commercial Account.

  • For Personal Accounts, it's near the top with the Customer Since and Account Type fields. 
  • For Commercial Accounts, its near the bottom under the Lead Info Section.

Assigned To User

Finally we have the Assigned To User field. This field is how to assign a Customer Account to an EZLynx User. By default, the system will make the Assigned To User you since you are the one creating the account. However, you can assign it to someone by clicking on the People Icon. This is another field that can be found in two different places on the Details tab depending on if you are working a Personal or Commercial Account. 

  • For Personal Accounts, it's near the top with the Customer Since and Account Type fields. 
  • For Commercial Accounts, its near the bottom under the Lead Info Section.

If you are an Agency Admin looking to find a way to Bulk Reassign Customer Accounts, check out our Bulk Reassignment article to learn more!

Contact Info

Multiple Addresses

Ever Customer Account needs an address, but did you know you can store multiple addresses? Let's say your customer has their primary home and then a vacation house. Their Primary Home would be inputted in the Primary Address which is used for quoting & reports, while the vacation house can be added as an additional address.

1. To add an additional address, under the Contact Info section click the Add Address button.

2. Choose the Address Type that best fits the additional Address. Remember! Only the Primary Address can be used for Quoting & Reports. 

3. If you need to remove an additional address, click the Remove Address button.

International Addresses

Let's throw another curve ball into this. What if your customer has an international additional address? What if they have a vacation house in the Bahamas? Never fear! If you select the Mailing Address Type, a Country field will appear allowing you to select different countries for the address.

Inputting Contacts

The last item we will talk about is the Add Contact section. Contacts can be many things! They could be a spouse, kids, relatives, business partners, business accountant, and more! Adding things like kid names or loved ones onto your account is a good way to build confidence in your customers because if they call up and you ask how their loved ones are doing, they know you care! To add a contact, scroll to the bottom and click the Add Contact button.

Again, depending on if you are working on a Personal or Commercial Account the fields may look a little different. We'll make sure to cover the most important ones with you here!

Commercial Contacts

The main items to note here are the buttons at the top and the warning Under the Contact Info. 

  • Make this Contact Primary - This means this is the Main Contact on this Business Account. Normally, this is the Named Insured on the Policy. 
  • Client Center Access - If you have our Client Center Product, this allows them to access a Client Center Portal where they can check out their policies, documents, and more. See our Client Center - Accessing Client Center & Client Center - Customer's View to learn more!
  • Make this Contact Secondary - This means the this makes this the Secondary Contact on the Business Account. This is the equivalent of a co-applicant on a Personal Account.
  • Address - Under the Contact Info you will note that you can't input a different address for this contacts because the Make this Contact Primary is selected. If you turn this off, then you can input an Address for the Contact.

Personal Contacts

The main item to note here is the Make this Contact Co-Applicant button. This is how you add or remove a Co-Applicant to your Personal Account. 

Once you've got all the Contact information inputted make sure you scroll down and click the Done button so it saves. Then rinse and repeat. Add as many contacts as you would like!