Linking 2 accounts together is a great way to stay efficient when you are navigating EZLynx. A common example of when you might want to link accounts is if you service both a Personal Account and a Commercial Account for someone. If the accounts are linked and the customer calls, you can easily switch between the 2 accounts depending on what the customer is needing. 

This article will show you how to link accounts together for quick access!

Linking Accounts

1. To Link a Customer Account, locate 1 of the Customer Accounts and click the Overview tab. 

2. Click the Actions button.

3. Hover over Additional Actions.

4. Click Linked Account.

5. Locate the 2nd Customer Account using the search options and filters. 

6. Once found, click the Select button.

7. Input your notes and check mark the Create link to current applicant so that both accounts have a link to the either. 

8. Then, click Save

Once you refresh the page, you can now see on the Overview page a new box that has the Linked Account. If you click the Customer's Name it will take you to that Customer's Overview page. You can also see that the same link has been created on the Customer's Info Pane for easy access even if you aren't on the Overview page.