EZLynx has stopped supporting Microsoft Internet Explorer starting June 25, 2021. To ensure your EZLynx products can still run correctly and effectively please download an alternate browser.


Why is EZLynx Going to Stop Support Internet Explorer

Microsoft, creator of Internet Explorer (IE), released a statement announcing that they will no longer support the browser for use with web-based applications. To remain up to date on best internet practices, EZLynx has followed Microsoft's example and has also stopped supporting IE.

Who Will This Affect

This transition will only affect current users of any Internet Explorer version. If you are currently using any other browser, you will not experience any disruption of service. 

What Does This Mean for My Microsoft Apps

Microsoft 365 apps and services will no longer support IE by August 17, 2021. This mean that if you use IE, you will have a degraded experience or will be unable to connect to Microsoft 365 apps and services. A degraded experience means that you will not have access to new Microsoft 365 features and certain features you are used to using will stop working.

This decrease in functionality will also affect EZLynx for Outlook.

To read more about Microsoft's decision and what to expect after they stop support IE on August 17, 2021 please visit their blog post.

Can I Use EZLogin with a New Browser

EZLogin is a feature that automatically logs you into your carriers. This feature is still available with either the Chrome or Edge browser. 

To view detailed instructions on how to add this feature to your browser, click here. You must be logged into your EZLynx account to view the link.

What Can I Use Instead

EZLynx suggests using Google Chrome for best results.

Microsoft suggests using Edge.

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