By default, you are assigned EZLynx University (EZU) courses that match your EZLynx access to make sure you take what's absolutely necessary to your current role in the agency. If you are interested in learning about products or features you don't currently have access to, you can check out the Content Library in EZU to see all of our active courses and assign that course to yourself This is a great way to prepare for promotions or learn new products!

 Check out our EZLynx University - How to Access EZU article to learn how to access EZU!

How to Assign Yourself Courses in EZU

1. In the top left hand corner of the EZU Learner View, click the Content Library tab. 

Attention! - If you are an EZU Admin, you will need to click on your Profile icon in the top right hand corner of EZU and then click Learner View to see the Content Library tab.

2. From here you can use the search bar to look up courses based on product name, access level, or difficulty. 

The courses are ordered using 101, 102, and 103 as way to display the difficulty of the course.

  • 101 - Main EZLynx products and basic navigation knowledge of EZLynx such as Rating Engine
  • 102 - Add-on EZLynx products that require basic navigation knowledge of EZLynx such as Email Campaigns 
  • 103 - Advanced products that are connected to other EZLynx products such as Automation Center 

For most courses, we have a CSR & Producer version and an Admin version. The Admin Versions have everything the CSR & Producer versions have plus the Admin Only information.

3. When you find the course you are interested in, click anywhere on the course's box.

From here you can see the full description of the course and the modules that are included. You can also see the percentage of the course you have completed. Normally, this will be 0%. However, let's say you were a CSR or Producer who has been recently promoted. If you took the CSR & Producer version of a course and were recently assigned the Admin version of the same course, you percentage should be more than 0%. 

All of the modules are linked which means if you did the Rating Engine Setup Tasks in the Rating Engine CSR & Producer course, you should not have to take that course again in the Rating Engine Admin course. This way you aren't required to take duplicate modules. You can however, redo the modules as many times as you would like using the Review Mode! 

4. To enroll yourself into the course, click the Start This Course button. This will open the course and automatically add it to your To-Do Course List.