By default, you are assigned EZLynx University (EZU) courses that match your EZLynx access to make sure you take what's absolutely necessary to your current role in the agency. If you are an EZU Admin and you would like to assign a course to your agency as a whole, you can do so by following the steps below. 

Check out our EZLynx University - How to Access EZU article to learn how to access EZU! 

Attention! - These steps are to assign a course to all currently active users at the agency. There is no way for an EZU Admin to assign a course to a single user. If you only need one user to be assigned the course, have the user check out our EZLynx University - Content Library article to learn how to enroll themselves in courses.

EZU Admins - How to Assign Courses to Your Agency

1. In the Admin View, click the Teams tab. 

2. From the Teams tab, click on the agency you would like to assign the course to. Please note, if you do not have any branch agencies you will only see the line for your own agency.

3. From within the agency, click the Courses tab. 

4. Then, click the Assign Courses to EZLynx Training button.

5. You can use the search bar to find a course you want to assign to the users at the agency. Once you've found it you can select it by checking the box. You can select more than one at a time!

6. You can see which courses you are assigning to the agency on the right-hand side

7. Once you have selected all of the courses you want to assign to your agency, click the Assign button. 

8. You will then see that the courses you selected show up on the Courses tab. 

Attention! - Please note, once you assign courses to a Team it cannot be undone without EZU Support's help. If you need us to remove courses you assigned to your agency as a whole please email us at