EZLynx is proud to announce that we have updated and streamlined our process to make it easy to enroll your account with Two-Factor Authentication! It's now easier than ever to keep your account and your customer's data, safe, and secure.

In this release article we cover the updates to the Login Page and how to enroll in Two-Factor Authentication. Enrolling in Two-Factor Authentication is a key step in securing your customer's data. We hope you find that these updates simplify the process! 


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Login Page

In this release, we have updated our login page to mirror the updated design you are used to within EZLynx 5. We have also added a new way for you to see what is new with Connect Marketplace below the credential fields. Please note, the only change is the overall design. The location of the login page has not changed. 

Logging Into EZLynx

When logging into EZLynx, you will input the username that was provided in your EZLynx Welcome Email and the password you created using the links in the EZLynx Welcome Email. When logging into EZLynx keep these things in mind:

  • Your account will automatically be locked out after 5 missed attempts.
  • The system will warn you after the 3rd missed attempt that you only have 2 more attempts left before your account is locked.
  • If your account is locked, then you will be forced to do a password reset. After you confirm it is indeed you trying to access your account, the system will send an email to the email address we have on file with a link to reset your password. Until you complete the reset your password workflow, your account will remain locked.

Primary Method for Two-Factor Enrollment - Phone Number

When enrolling for the first time with Two-Factor Authentication, you are now presented with clear messaging about the benefits of enrolling with this service and why it is important. Click the Get Started button to begin the enrollment process.

Once you start the enrollment process, you will be asked to enter your phone number. To proceed enter your phone number. Make sure the number you enter can receive text messages as this is how you will get the authentication code. If you do not want to enroll your phone number with Two-Factor Authentication, click "Choose Another Option". Please note, EZLynx will only use this number for account security. Once you have entered your phone number, click Next.

The next step will be to confirm the phone is setup for two-factor authentication. You will be sent a code which you will need to enter in the next step. Once you get the text message on your phone with the code, enter it into the Code field and click Next. If for some reason you did not get the code before the 15 minutes expires, click the Resend Code button to try again. 

And that's it! Congratulations, you successfully enrolled your phone number for Two-Factor Authentication! Upon successful enrollment of your phone number, you have two options. EZLynx highly recommends adding a secondary authentication in case your phone does not work by clicking the Add Another Verification Method. However, if would not like to do this you can click Complete to finish the process and head into your EZLynx account. 

Secondary Method for Two-Factor Enrollment - Email

If you choose to enroll with another option, you will be presented with a page to select the method that you wish to use. We currently only support Text and Email options. However, we plan to add more in the future so keep an eye out for our future releases! You can also skip this step if you decide that you don't want to add another verification method. 

If you select to enroll in a different method, you will be walked through the same step as outlined in the above section. After the steps are completed, you will then be automatically taken into your EZLynx account. 

2FA Authentication App

With a two-factor authenticator app, its easier for you to manage your own two-factor settings. This allows you even greater flexibility when deciding what two-factor authentication method works best for you.

Enrolling During Initial Setup

When enrolling for the first time with two-factor authentication (2FA), you can now select the Authenticator option instead of text or email. To get started, select the authenticator option from the list of verification methods. 

After selecting the authenticator option, you will need to ensure that you have installed an authenticator application on your mobile device. To get the best apps and tools for use with this feature, go to the app store on your phone and search for "authenticator". Our top recommended authenticators are: 

  • Microsoft Authenticator
  • Google Duo
  • Authy
  • Okta

Once you have the app installed, select "Next" on the workflow card. On the next screen, you will be presented with a QR Code. To activate your authenticator, simply select the option within the app to add a new account and then scan the QR code on your computer. Alternatively, if you do not have a camera, you can setup the account manually be entering the key below the QR code. 

Once you have successfully scanned the code and linked it to your phone, you will see your authenticator start showing a code that you can enter into EZLynx. To test that the code works, click "Next" on the workflow card. on the new page, enter the code that you see on your authenticator app. 

Once you enter the code and the system verifies that it matches, you can click "Next" in the workflow to finish setting up the authenticator app. 

Upon successful enrollment of your authenticator app, you have two options. You can either add a secondary authentication method in case your authenticator app does not work or you can complete the process and go right to EZLynx. 

Enrolling After Initial Setup

If you have already enrolled with two-factor authentication (2FA), but still want to enroll with an authenticator app or update your two-factor information, you can now do so in your user settings page. 

Once within your user settings, select the new Two Factor tab. On this page, you can manage all of your settings related to 2FA including deleting methods, updating methods, and adding new methods. 

To enroll with 2FA simply click the Add button and you will be walked through the steps of enrollment just like if you were signing up for the first time.