Description: Do you have training questions? Need help understanding a feature or function? Join Office Hours to talk with an EZLynx trainer!

What: Office Hours is a public, drop-in Q&A session to ask specific training questions as you learn, practice, & apply EZLynx workflows. 

When: Weekdays for one hour. Select the register button below for full dates and times.


  • Register & join the session during the scheduled timeframe
  • Each person should register individually
  • Attendees join from multiple agencies - this is a public session
  • Questions are answered on a first-come, first-served basis


  • For assistance with troubleshooting or error messages, please contact out Support Team at
  • Accounting Questions are not being handled during Office Hours at this time. Please continue to contact our Accounting team with any questions at

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What types of questions are acceptable? 
    • Speak with an EZLynx Trainer when you need a reminder of how to find or do something, questions about the steps in a workflow, unsure of what a feature does or why you might use it, "how do I" type questions, etc.
      • How do I change the task assignment or due date?
      • What area of the account should I go to create an eSignature envelope?
      • I forgot where to go to update/add my email signature?
      • What is the directory?

  • What types of questions are not suitable?
    • As Office Hours is designed to be a drop in Q&A session for many people, building an entire report or teaching an entire process would not be applicable. If you need a little help while you work on a report that's fine. We can also recommend applicable training courses/webinars to help guide you if needed. Troubleshooting or error messages would be best asked of our Support Team at

  • Is this an appointment for just me or my agency to have some one-on-one training?
    • No, this is a session where multiple agencies join to ask questions in a public format. If you would like to purchase one-on-one training for your agency, please contact Sales at