This article goes along with our New Business Personal Lines Course! This article contains a checklist of the different products we will showcase while covering the new business for personal lines process. 

It also contains a list of tasks we recommend completing to help make the process as streamlined as possible. Please note, that some of these tasks can be completed by everyone in the agency, while some tasks can only be completed by the Agency Admin.

To help follow along, we’ve created this physical checklist you can print out to mark off which products you do have and which tasks you have or have not completed. This will help you in later videos to know when you should follow the product route or the alternate route because you don't currently have that product.

To print out this page, right click on the white space of the page. Then, click Print. This will open up the printing option in your respective browser. 

Rating Engine 

    ☐ Input Carrier Logins

    ☐ Input Carrier Defaults

        Create Quote Templates

    ☐Install the EZLogin Button

Management System 

    ☐Add all the Carriers you write with to the Master Carrier/Markets list (ADMIN ONLY)

Sales Center

    ☐Create a CSV of Leads by using the Sales Center Template for Personal Lines

    ☐Go over Sales Center Settings (ADMIN ONLY)


Communication Center > Email Campaigns

    ☐Create an Email Campaign Template for Personal Lines


Communication Center > Outlook Add-in or Plug-in

    ☐Install the Outlook Add-in or Plug-in based on your Office 365 Subscription 


    ☐Go over Accounting Settings (ADMIN ONLY)

Client Center

    ☐Go over Client Center Settings especially the Certificates Tab (ADMIN ONLY)