In this article we cover some of the frequently asked questions about EZLynx as a whole. If you don't find an answer to your question here, check out our other articles! 


Does EZLynx work with MAC or Chromebook?

EZLynx is a cloud-based software designed to operate with today’s popular web browsers, such as Edge, Chrome, and Firefox. 

All of the core features of EZLynx are developed to function in any of these browsers regardless of the operating system.

The following EZLynx products and features require installation on a Windows PC based computer. However, many agencies run these successfully on a Mac, OSX or Chromebook environment by using a virtual emulation of Windows through a program like Parallels for Mac.

  • EZLynx File Transfer Manager for Downloads (for use with Team-up and carriers that have their own proprietary software for downloads).
  • EZLynx for Outlook.
  • EZLynx Accounting for Windows version of QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Online is fully compatible, regardless of computer operating system.
  • EZLynx reports may not be fully compatible with Excel for Apple.

Can I access EZLynx from an iPad?

You can access client information and quotes in EZLynx on an iPad by going to on the Safari browser or downloading the Google Chrom app for your iPad. 

If you use the Safari browser option, you will need to adjust your iPad browser settings to accept cookies. To do this, go to your iPad's Settings and choose Safari. Then, choose Privacy Settings and toggle Allow Cookies. 

How do I upload a list of Prospects?

Some agents keep an Excel spreadsheet with prospect or client info. 

There are two ways to get this information into EZLynx: 

How do I change my Agency's Name?

Occasionally, agencies need to correct or altogether change their name. There are legal implications with agency name changes, so an admin needs to email with the requested change. 

How do I make changes to my account?

Contact the EZLynx Billing Department for:

  • Updates to your Account's Billing information
  • Account Invoices
  • Account Cancellation(s)


Contact your EZLynx Sales Rep for:

Contact the Support Department for:

  • Increasing Max User Count
  • Adding Additional Storage Space
  • Paylink to add funds to account for pay per use products like Email Campaigns or eSignature.

If your agency contracts with a Market Access Provider, aka MAP (brokerage or MGA) for access to EZLynx Rating Engine, contact your MAP admin to add or remove users, rating states or carriers (including your direct appointment carriers).  EZLynx Support cannot help with these items.

If you are an agency that does not contract with a Market Access Provider (MAP), to add/remove users, carriers, or states, please see: Rating Engine: Manage Users, Carriers, Invoices, & Two-Step Verification

For additional Contact/Directory information, Hours of Operation, and Mailing Address; Click here.

How do I participate in BETA Products/Testing?

At EZLynx, we are committed to constantly enhancing our products and features.


If interested, your agency can test these features in Beta before we release them to production for all users.  


To let us know your agency would like to be set up with our current Beta features, complete the EZLynx Beta Request Form.  


If your agency has been selected, to be a part of our Beta Programs, you will be notified and provided additional participant information.


While being a beta participant has its own challenges in terms of having to deal with new enhancements that may still be rough around the edges; the feedback provided by participants will be invaluable to the final touches on these features.