With EZLynx Management System, an agency can track claim information within applicant accounts. Enter the claim manually from the applicant’s Overview tab, then run Claims Reports as the claim is adjusted with payment information.

To Add a Claim:

  • From the Customer's Overview tab, click the Actions button.
  • Then, click Add Claim.

  • Associate the claim to a Policy and enter the Claim Info for the additional fields.
  • Reserve, Payment and Adjuster Info can be entered now, or later from the Actions menu.
  • Click Save.

Add a Reserve, Payment, or Adjuster

1. Go to the applicant’s Overview tab, and go to the Claims card.
2. Click the More Actions icon, then select Add Reserve, Payment, or Adjuster.
  • Enter the Info.
    • When adding a Payment, the Reserve Amount fluctuates based on payment type, and the Incurred Loss updates. (Amount Paid + Reserve = Incurred Loss)
  • Click Save.

View Claim Details

  • On the Overview tab, under the Claims card you can expand the claim to see additional details or you can click on the Policy# to be taken to the Policies tab where you can see even more details.