Once quoting is done, either within the EZLynx Rating Engine or directly on a carrier site, the EZLynx Management System takes over. When a policy is bound, it is time to manage the policy. How the policy is managed will depend on the carrier and line of business, as well as unique agency processes. Some carriers support policy downloads, and some do not.

  • Policies bound with downloading carriers - The carriers send the download 3 – 7 days after the policy is bound. Once the policy is in EZLynx, you an use the below options to manage the policy. Not sure how to get started with Policy Downloads? Have the Agency Admin check out our Management System: Setting Up Downloads article! 
  • Policies bound with non-downloading carriers - These policies MUST be entered manually in order to have complete policy data in the management system. See the Adding a Manual Policy section down below to learn more.


Adding a Manual Policy

One of the reasons to have a management system is to maintain a complete record of your customers’ policies. An agent should add a manual policy when they write business with a carrier that does not send policies via IVANS, TeamUp, or other policy transfer management systems. Learn how to add a manual policy below.

To add a manual policy:

1. Click on the Customer's Overview tab.
2. Then, click the Actions button.
3. Click Add Policy.


4. Complete required fields indicated by red asterisks. Enter the policy # EXACTLY as it appears on the carrier site so the download is matched to the applicant account when it enters EZLynx. Tip: If the carrier is not listed as a option for the policy please here to edit the master carrier list.
5. Then, click Add Policy. The policy is now displayed in the Policies grid. Click on the Policy card to dive into the details.

6. Here you can see that the policy’s Source is Manual.

Policy Entry Screens Available for Supported Lines of Business

With EZLynx Policy Entry, we’ve streamlined the process of manually tracking Commercial lines policies. Enter the policy data once in EZLynx, then easily create the necessary ACORD forms or Quote Proposals. Click here for an EZLynx Quote Proposal Guide.

Click here to create a Commercial Quoting Package from an Application.

See our Applications - Supported Lines of Business Entry Screens article to see what lines of business are currently supported for Application and Policy Entry screens!

Edit Policy

To enter a manual transaction for an existing policy:

  • On a Customer's Overview tab, click the Policies tab.
  • Click the More Actions icon to see the different options. 
    • Audit - Audit Policy at the end of the term
    • Cancel - Manually cancel a policy to document a cancellation until the carrier download is received.
    • Change - Add a transaction.
    • Change Request - Submit a policy change request.
    • Compare - Compare two policy transactions side-by-side
    • Edit - Edit the policy data.
    • Renew - Manually Renew a policy - Document a policy’s renewal in EZLynx until the carrier download is received.
    • Reinstate - Manually Reinstate a policy - Document a policy’s reinstatement in EZLynx until the carrier download is received.

  • Delete - Delete the policy.
  • Merge - Merge policies together.
  • Mov- Move the policy from one EZLynx applicant to another.
  • Syn- Use policy download data to update an EZLynx application - This also makes re-quoting faster and more accurate.

Finding Past/Historical Policy Transactions

To locate any previous version of the policy:

1. On a Customer's Policies tab, click any of the policy cards.

  • Option 1: Select to View Summary As Of a specific policy transaction or As Of a Date. (May not be available to all agencies)
    • From the Policy Summary page, locate the policy transaction dropdown & select desired version of policy (Renewal, New Business, etc.). Or enter an exact date instead.

  • Option 2: View all previous policy transactions or versions.
    • From the Policy History page, you can see all transactions. These are grouped by the policy terms (all transactions within the first term/New Business term or within the Renewal term, etc.). Then they are sorted with the most recent transactions at the top and the oldest towards the bottom. 
  • If a policy number changes during a renewal or rewrite, then all transactions remain under the currently in-force policy. Any documents or notes associated with any previous version of the policy can still be found under the policy's Documents or Notes tabs

Reordering Policy Transactions

When several policy transactions download arrive at once they may be filed in the incorrect order. For instance, a cancellation transaction and reinstatement transaction download on the same day. If placed out of order, the cancellation make the policy inactive when it should be active. The steps below will re-sort the policy transaction history to reflect the correct order. 

***PLEASE NOTE*** The Applied Date must be the same to reorder any downloaded policy transactions.

To Reprocess a Policy’s Download History: 

  • Located in the policy History tab - The Reorder History button will be located on the right side. 
    • ***Important*** Manual policies are excluded at this time
  • When you click Reorder History, rows with the same Applied Date will have three dashed located to on the left.

  • Locate where it appears on the grid, then click and drag it to the correct position.
  • After placing all transactions in the correct order, click Save History.
  • A pop-up question appears when you replace an inactive, in-force transaction.
  • Select Yes, and the policy will become active.
  • Choose No, and the policy will become inactive.
  • Refreshing the screen will still show the original Policy History but the summary and ACORDs will reflect the change.
  • Otherwise, EZLynx automatically maintains the policy status.

***PLEASE NOTE*** After saving your change, the policy is reprocessed, and the update should take a few seconds. However occasionally, depending on the size of the policy download transaction - It could take up to 24 hours to complete reprocessing.

Endorsements, Policy Changes, & Policy Change Requests

EZLynx empowers your agency to cater to your consumers' policy change requests more efficiently. This feature is enabled for Auto Commercial at this time. Stay tuned as other lines will be rolled out moving forward.

To create a Policy Change Request:

  • On a Customer's Overview tab, click the Policies tab.
  • Click the More Actions icon, then click hover over Service.
  • Then, click Change Request.


  • In the Change Request modal:
    • Specify the change date, or the effective date of the change request
    • Add remarks about the change request in the Policy Change Description field. Leverage this remarks section to pre-fill the ACORD 175 and the change request memo.
  • Step By Step alerts make the change request process seamless.
  • When ready, click Edit Change Request.
  • On the policy entry screen, enter all the details about the Change Request. For example, if you to want to add vehicles, click the Vehicles tab to add desired vehicles.

  • Click Preview to see the changes. Verify the changes appear as expected, then click Save & Close.
  • After clicking Save & Close, you are directed to the Review Change Request screen.

  • At this point, the change request memo is automatically saved to the applicant’s Documents tab and is associated to the policy.
  • The generated memo contains:
    • Line of business
    • Policy term
    • Carrier name
    • Policy number
    • Change effective date
  • When a vehicle or driver is added, the To column displays the updated details in GREEN, and the Change Type indicates what is being added.
  • When a vehicle or driver is deleted the From column displays the data in RED. The To column is blank and the Change Type is Delete.

After you Create a Policy Change Request, perform any action below from the Review Change Request screen:

  • Send eSignature to insured.
  • Add Note or Task for change request.
  • Email the change request memo to the carrier.
  • Print the memo.

To locate:

  • From applicant's Overview screen, scroll down to Policies grid.
  • Locate policy, and click blue Details link to far right.
  • Click the History tab.
    • Click the blue Actions link on the Change Request line to Edit, Delete, Compare, or Confirm the Change.
    • Click the blue Forms link on the Change Request line to open the Memo, ACORD 175, or view the Full Policy Details.

After you Submit the Policy Change Request to Carriers or Insureds and receive confirmation, follow these step to ensure all changes were made correctly.

For manual policies:

  • When the carrier sends confirmation, go to policy's History page, and click Actions>Confirm Change.


  • Enter the Change Premium.
  • Click Change & Edit Policy to save.
  • The change request is now converted to a policy change transaction under the policy’s History tab.

For downloaded policies:

  • Once the carrier downloads the policy change, go to policy's History page, and click Actions>Compare to confirm the requested changes were processed correctly.
  • If the changes were processed correctly, you will see no differences when you compare the change request against the downloaded policy change.
  • If you do not want to confirm the change request, simply close the compare window to return to the History screen.
  • When ready, click Confirm, and the change request is removed from the History screen.

Move Policy to another Customer Account

The Move function is a quick way to move a policy from one applicant to another. This is seldom used, but is helpful in on occasion.

To move a policy:

  • From the policy’s Actions menu, select Move.
  • Use the Search box to locate the applicant you want to move the policy to.
  • If necessary, use the filters to narrow the search.
  • Based on the search, applicants appear below - Click Select next to the correct applicant and the policy is moved.
  • You are returned to the incorrect applicant; the policy is no longer displayed in the applicant’s Policies grid.

Policy Compare to figure out Premium Increases

Use Policy Compare to view the renewal and prior policy transactions side-by-side so you can quickly explain a premium increase.

To compare two policy transactions:

  • From a Customer's Overview or Policies tab, click the More Actions icon.
  • Then, click Compare.
  • At Policy Change Summary, select the policy transactions to be compared from the Version 1 and Version 2 menus.
  • Click Compare.
  • The page will display the two transactions side-by-side for comparison. This allows you to explain in great detail the changes to a premium. 
  • To print or save, click Print in the upper right.
  • Click Open to Print the document. Or, Save it to your computer. Once saved, you can email the comparison to the applicant.

Sync Policies with Rating Applications for Fast Remarket

With EZLynx Management System’s Policy Sync, you can quickly update an EZLynx auto or home application from the downloaded policy data. This is very helpful for re-quoting at policy renewal time.

Policy Sync allows a quick swap of the applicant & co-applicant on the rating application also.

  • From the Customer's Overview or Policies tab, click the More Action icon.
  • Hover over Other, and then click Sync.

  • In the Policy Sync Preview window, you can review the current application Risk Data in EZLynx beside the downloaded Policy Data. Select from the two data viewing options, either Show All or Differences Only.
  • Select the data to keep from either set of data and it will be displayed in the Result Data column. This information will be synced to the applicant’s EZLynx quoting application.

  • Once selections are made, click Save, and decide whether you want to view the new application, or close the box and return to the prior page.