Our eSignature product is a fast and secure way for you to obtain electronic signatures on multiple documents from one or more recipients. EZLynx uses AssureSign for its e-sign product for P&C lines of insurance. AssureSign LLC guarantees full compliance with the requirements and standards of both the E-SIGN Act and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) for all of its products. UETA provides that electronic signatures and records have the same validity and enforce-ability in court as manual signatures and paper-based transactions. Also, using eSignature for any other non-P&C forms violates the terms of use of this product. 

Our eSignature product is a pay-as-you go feature, so fees only apply when you send an envelope out. It is the responsibility of the Agency Admin to go through the Pay Link process to make sure there is a money balance available to use eSignature. 

To learn more about the Pay Link process, see: Pay Link Process


Add Document

Before creating an eSignature envelope, you need documents to place in the eSignature envelope. The document must be a PDF and that document must be available in the customer's Document library. You can add ACORD forms from the Management System product or you can upload documents from your computer. See: How to Add or Upload Documents for more information. 

1. Once you have the documents in the Document library, click on the Documents tab.

2. Click the Create eSignature Envelope button.

3. Check the documents you want to include in the eSignature envelope. 

4. Click the Next button. 

Did you know? You can sort through your documents by using the Sort By drop-down to find the most recent documents, and if you check the Pre-fill selected ACORD forms with signature, initials, and date fields the system will automatically place those items for you in a later step meaning you have less manual work to do.  

Setup Envelope

Now that you have selected the documents you want to include in the eSignature envelope, the next step is to create the envelope that will hold the documents. 

1. Type in an Envelope Name

2. Set a Password if desired or check No to make a password not required. The password must be 5-15 digits long and must contain Letters/Numbers/Special Character.  

3. Set the number of days the envelope with expire. A reminder email is sent to recipients 5 days prior to the envelope expiration date.

4. Use the up and down arrows to order the documents you would like them to be signed in. 

5. Once all changes are made, click the Next button. 

Did you know? You can click the Change button if you want to change who the eSignature is sent as. This is helpful if you need to send the eSignature on another agent's behalf. 

Setup Recipient

Now that we have created the envelope that will hold the documents, we need to add all of the recipients that need to sign the document. 

1. By default the primary applicant is automatically added as a recipient. 

2. To add more recipients, click +Add new recipient

3. To add yourself as a recipient, click + Add me

4. Use the up and down arrows to order the recipients in the order you want them to sign the document. This is important because the next recipient on the list will not have access to the eSignature until the previous recipient finishes signing the document. 

5. Input a note to the recipients. This note will be in the body of the email that is sent to all recipients. Best Practice is to provide your contact information in case the recipients have any questions. 

6. Once all changes are made click the Next button. 

Setup Signature

Now it's time to place the boxes for recipients to electronically sign! If you checked the Pre-fill selected ACORD form with signature, initials, and date fields on the Add Document step, then you will already see that some boxes have been placed for you. There are several different options available to use and the best part is you can have multiple on the same eSignature document.

Box NameDescription
SignatureRecipients will need to use their mouse to write a signature
Typed SignatureRecipients will type their signature using the keyboard
InitialsRecipients will need to use their mouse to write their initials
Typed InitialsRecipients will type their initials using the keyboard
DateRecipients will input the current date
TimestampRequired Universal Time timestamp is automatically added to the document
TextAllows the recipients to input information requested
Drop-downAllows you to add a series of options that the recipients can interact with
Multiple ChoiceAllows the recipient to mark boxes that apply to them

1. Once you have decided which box to start with, click the respective green icon

2. Locate and click the spot on the document you want the box to go. The box will automatically insert itself where you click.

3. Click Edit

Did you know? If you click on the box, 4 black boxes will appear in the corners of the box you selected. These black boxes allow you to resize the signature box any way you want.

4. Check or un-check Required or Certified as desired. 

  • Required will make the box mandatory for the recipient. 
  • Certified renders meta-data in box's frame including the Box's ID, the IP address where the signing occurred, and the Universal Time timestamp (UTC). 

5. Provide a brief description for the recipient that will appear when they get to this box. 

6. If you did not mean to create this box, click the Delete button. 

7. Once all changes are made, click the Save button. 

Did you know? You can click the Copy button and it will create an exact copy of the same box on the document that you can then move and resize. This will help minimize on the manual work of adding the boxes and help keep instructions consistent. 

8. Once you have finished adding all the blocks for this recipient, use the Recipient drop-down to select the next recipient. Repeat steps 1-8 for all recipients

9. Once you have added all the blocks for all the recipients, click the Review and Send button. 

10. Once you have reviewed the document click the Send button. A pop-up will appear when the eSignature as been sent out successfully. 

Note! When an eSignature is sent out an email is sent to the first recipient on the list. The other recipients on the list will not get an email until it is their turn to sign the document. Also, the Custom Domains Email Campaign feature does not change the email address the eSignature emails are sent from. The eSignature emails are always from notifications@assuresign.com

Envelope Statues & Actions

The EZLynx eSignature section of the Documents tab stores all of the eSignature envelopes that have been created for that particular customer. This is where you can see the status of the customer's envelopes and view, resend, cancel, or email the eSignature. 

The status of the envelope can help you decide where the recipients are at with signing the document and if any action is needed on your end. You can find the status of the envelope under the Status column

CancelledThe envelope was cancelled before all recipients signed the document(s).
CompletedAll recipients have finished signing the document and each has been sent an email with a link to the finished document(s). 
ExpiredThe envelope has expired and recipients can no longer sign the document(s).
PendingThe envelope is active and recipients are in the process of signing the document(s). 

Depending on the status of the envelope you might need to take further action to get the documents signed.These options can be found under the Actions button next to each envelope. The Actions available are determined by the status of the envelope.

CancelThis option is only available for the envelopes in Pending status. Cancelling an envelope means the recipients can no longer sign the document.
DeleteThis option is only available for envelopes in the Cancelled or Expired statuses and allows you to delete the envelope. 
EmailThis option is only available for envelopes in the Completed status. Allows you to email the envelope to anyone. 
ResendThis option is only available for envelopes in Pending or Expired status. Resend the envelope to the recipient who is currently in the signing order.
ViewThis option available at all times. View the documents in the envelope.  
View ReportThis option is only available for envelopes in Completed status. Creates an AssureSign Document Completion Report of the envelope, recipients, documents, and history that you can print or download. 

Did you know? The lock icon next to the envelope name means that that envelope is password protected. If you click the lock, you can resend recipients the password if they forgot.