With our Postal Mail product you can print and mail your customers PDF files that are stored in the customer's Document Library. This is a pay-as-you go feature, so fees only apply when a mailing is scheduled. Fees are determined by the mailing's number of pages, printing options and postage type. Currently, Postal Mail only sends single mailings to individual customers, we are exploring opportunities for bulk mailings and other mailing types like folded cards, post cards, and more so keep an eye on our future releases. 


Schedule a Postal Mailing

Before you can mail a PDF file to a customer, the PDF file must be in the customer's Document Library. You can add forms or upload files from your computer to the document library. See: Add or Upload Documents

1. Once applicable files are uploaded, click the Documents tab. 

2. Click the Filter icon.

3. Use the Document Type drop-down to select Postal Mail Compatible. You can also filter down by Created By and Shared.

4. Once you find the right document, click Actions.

5. Click Mail.

6. Input a Mailing title or click on a draft that has already been started. 

7. Click Next

8. Use the up and down arrows to order the documents as desired.

9. Add more documents if needed. 

10. Once all changes have been made, click the Next button. 

11. Confirm Mail To Address.

12. Confirm Return To Address.

13. Confirm Color, Print, Postage, and Envelope options.

14. Check that you agree to the terms

15. Once, all the changes are made, click the Submit for Proof button. If you approve of the proof, agree to the terms again and click Submit for Printing

Note! Mailing scheduled after 8:00 PM Central Time are mailed the following day.

Managing Postal Mails

1. To view any scheduled or sent mailings, hover over the Communication Center icon.

2. Under Postal Mail, click Mailbox

3. Use the search bar and filters to find a specific postal mail.

4. Once found, use the Status column to determine if there is any action needed on your part. 

5. Click the Actions buttons to view, edit, or delete depending on the status. 

DraftDraft means that this has not been submitted for printing yet. In Draft status, you can Edit or Delete the draft.
SubmittedSubmitted means that this has been submitted for printing. In Submitted status, you can Delete, View Proof, or View Mailing info. 

Did you know? Any documents that are sent to the customer via postal mail are also stored on that customer's Activity tab which cannot be edited or deleted which is ideal for errors and omissions