One of the best places to start if you are new to EZLynx is the Username Icon which stores the User Settings options which allows you to customize preferences, update contact info, change your password, create an email and ACORD form signatures, and update your security settings. 


How to Access User Settings

The Username Icon holds your initials so for our example we have First Name = EZLynx and Last Name = User. Therefore, our initials are EU. 

If you click on the username icon, you can find your full username underneath. This is really handy to have if you ever call our Support Department for help! You can also see the User Settings option which is holds all kinds of cool preferences.


Account - Contact Info & Change Password

The Account Tab holds the My Contact Info section like your phone number and email address. It also has the Change Password section where you can update your password if you ever need to. You can also do this from the Forgot Password? link on the EZLynx Login Page if you ever forget your password.

Preferences - Time Zone, Quotes, & Recent Items

The Preferences tab holds several settings to make your account how you like it. 

  • General - This section allows you to change your time zone, select if you observe day light savings time, and if you want to allow our Support team to be able to login with you for troubleshooting purposes. We highly recommend you keep the Allow technical Support Representatives to login with you checked to make troubleshooting faster. 

  • Applicant - This section allows you to choose whether or not you want to see the Recent Applicants & Recent Quotes section when you hover over the Applicant Icon. If you check the Show Recent Items box, then you will see 2 dropdowns which will allow you to select how many entries you want to see on the respective lists.

  • Rating - Drivers/Vehicles - This section allows you to choose which way you want to display the drivers & vehicles section of the Rating Application. If you commonly do applications with 1 or 2 drivers or vehicles, then the stacked version might be the best default. If you commonly do applications with more than 2 drivers or vehicles than the side-by-side view may be more your style. Check them both out and decide which is best for you!

  • Quote Submission - This section allows you to choose if by default you want to submit your quotes to all carriers available to your agency. This will save you some time on the Rating tab if the Rating application if you always submit to all your carriers depending on the Line of Business. 

  • Quote Details - This section allows you to set the default payment options and how you would like to sort your Quote Results when they come back from the carriers. This will help you quickly see which quotes are the most important to you.

  • Email Notifications - This section allows you to turn off EZLynx notifications that come in when an email is bounced or marked as spam. 

  • Workspace Notifications - This section allows you to turn off the warning alerts when navigating from one customer to another while having the Agency Workspace open.

ACORD Form Address & Signature

The ACORD Forms tab holds the ability to set a custom address and signature to appear on your ACORD Forms. 

  • Address - This section allows you to set a custom address that will pre-fill onto the ACORD Forms. By default what pre-fills onto the ACORD Forms instead is the address we have on file for your agency. This is really useful if you have for example a P.O. Box that you would prefer to show up on the ACORD Forms. 

  • Signature - This section allows you to set how you want your signature to appear on the ACORD Forms. You can use the Type Signature for a simple and easy look, or you can use the Upload Signature option to input a picture of your signature if you have say a picture of your hand written signature. You can also check the box next to Allow all users in your agency to user your signature, if you want others to be able to place your signature on ACORD Forms they generate. This is useful if multiple users work on the same customer accounts.

Email Signature

The Email Signature tab holds the ability to set an email signature when sending out emails or Email Campaigns to customers.

  • Email Signature - This section allows you to setup a default email signature for your one-off and email campaign emails. With the editor you can customize a lot, and one of the most common customizations is to add your agency logo into your email signature. Check out our article on the Email Campaigns - Agency Logo Personalization Tag feature to learn more! 

Global Settings - This section will only be visible to Email Campaigns Admins. If you do not see this section, please reach out to your Agency Admin for assistance. As an Email Campaign Admin, you can check the "Use this signature as the default" box if you want your users to use the same signature you have built. You can also check the "Use my display setting for all users" to prevent others from changing their signature display settings. 

Attention! - If you have our Email Campaigns product, this Email Signature section also affects your Email Campaigns signature and vice versa meaning if you go to the Email Campaigns Settings and update your signature there it will also update it here under the User Settings section. 


The Security tab holds the ability to set your email and phone number for the Multi-Factor Authentication as well as your Login History. We highly recommend setting up both your Phone number and Email for the Multi-Factor Authentication process to make sure you can always get access to your account.