Client Center can help your customers and boost your efficiency by giving your customers 24/7/365 access to their policies, documents, and ID Cards. With Client Center, your customers can print & share confidential documents easily and securely online, as well as request policy changes and view their coverages. 

Both you and your customer can access their Client Center page and this article will show you how! 


EZLynx User Client Center

Client Center accounts are activated when corresponding Customer Accounts have at least one active policy. If there are no active policies on the Customer's Account, then no one will be able to log into the Customer's Client Center Account. Occasionally, you may want to log into a Customer's Client Center Account to see what they see. 

1. Use the Super Search to find the Customer's Account.

2. On the Customer's Info Pane, click the Client Center icon.

This will drop you off in a Read Only Mode of the Customer's Client Center Account so you can see what they see. 

Customer's Client Center

For your customer to log into their Client Center account, you can send them the Client Center link via emails or from your Agency's website if the Client Center Admin has embedded it. By default the primary applicant and co-applicant can login when an email address is entered in the primary email field on the Customer's Account. 

1. Once there, they will input the primary email address tied to their account.

2. Then, click the Login button.

3. If the Customer's Account has a mobile number and an email address, Client Center will prompt them to pick which way they would like to get a temporary identification code which will act as their password for this login attempt. If the Customer's Account only has an email address, they will not have the option to pick and a code will be sent to the primary email address on their account.

4. Once they have the identification code, they will input it and click the Login button.

5. If the primary email address is associated to more than one account, the customer will be prompted to select which account they would like to view.

If the customer ever needs to switch to their other accounts once they pick one, they can click the Profile icon and then Switch Accounts.