You can easily generate a Quote Proposal from existing applications and policies! This article will show you how to create a Quote Proposal. 

1. To create a Quote Proposal, on a Customer's Account click the Documents tab. 

2. Click the Add button.

3. Click the Quote Proposal option.

4. Provide the Quote Proposal a unique document name.

5. Use the drop-downs to select the lines of business along with the policy or application you would like the Quote Proposal to pre-fill from. 

6. To add another line of business to the Quote Proposal, click +Add Line of Business.

7. To remove a line of business from the Quote Proposal, click Remove.

8. Once you've added everything you need, click the Generate Summary of Insurance button. 

9. This will generate the Quote Proposal as a Word Document which you can add to, remove from, or edit however you would like. Once you have the Quote Proposal the way you want it, click the File tab.

10. Then, click Save & Close. This will place the Quote Proposal onto the customer's Documents tab.