In this article we will go over how to import a personal lines customer account from a different management system into EZLynx via PDF or XML files. This feature is great if you have the EZLynx Rating Engine but not the EZLynx Management System. This way you can import the customer from your other management system into the Rating Engine so you can get quotes from the comparative rater without having to make the customer account from scratch. 

Please note, this import feature allows for one import at a time using a PDF or XML file. It only works for personal lines customers. It does not work for commercial lines customers. If you are looking for a way to import multiple customer accounts/leads using a CSV file or to import commercial lines accounts, please see our Sales Center - Importing Leads via Prospecting article or contact our Sales Team at to discuss our data import option.


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How to Import an Applicant(s)

1. Using your mouse, hover over the Applicants Folder.

2. Then, click Import. This will bring you to the Import Applicant page.

3. Using the Management System drop-down choose the Management System you are importing the customer account from. 

4. Decide if you want to check or uncheck the "Go To Applicant's page when upload completes" option.

  • If you are uploading only one customer account, you can leave the "Go To Applicant's page when upload completes" option checked.
  • If you are uploading more than one customer account, we recommend unchecking the "GoTo Applicant's page when upload completes" option, so that you will be brought back to this page when the import is completed and can start the next one. 

5. Next, upload either the PDF or XML files by either dragging and dropping the files from your computer to the "Drag Files Here" box, or by clicking the "Drag Files Here" box to open your computer's file explorer to locate the files. 

6. Once the files are uploaded, click the Import Applicant button.

When the import is finished, one of two things will happen depending on if you checked or unchecked the "Go To Applicant's page when upload completes" option. 

  • If you checked the "Go To Applicant's page when upload completes" option, you will be taken to that customer's account by landing on the Details tab.

  • If you unchecked the "Go To Applicant's page when upload completes" option, you will see the Import Applicant page refresh and a pop-up at the bottom of the screen will appear that states "The applicant was imported successfully." You will also see on the right side of the screen that a "Your Recent Applicant Imports" section will has appeared which shows you the different imports you have done. The name is the customer account's and is a clickable link which will take you to that customer's Overview page. The Date Imported column holds the date and time the import completed. The LOB column holds the symbols for the Lines of Business that were imported. 

EZLynx Term! - The car symbol stands for Auto while the house symbol stands for Home.

What if an Applicant Already Exists?

If the system finds that the data in the files you uploaded during the import process have the same first name, last name, and state as a customer account that is already in your EZLynx system, a pop-up will appear letting you know that the system found an existing applicant(s).

1. If there are multiple existing applicants, you can use the Sort By dropdown to organize the results to your preferences. 

2. If you would like to go to the existing applicant's account, click on the customer's card

3. If you would like to import the files you uploaded despite an existing account already being in the system, click the Import Duplicate Applicant option. This will create the customer account using the data in the files you uploaded and there will now be two customer accounts with the same first name, last name, and rating state. 

4. If you would like to go back and start the import process over again, click the Cancel option to close the pop-up. 

If you accidently import a duplicate applicant, check out our Merging, Deleting, & Restoring Customer Accounts article!

We hope this article was helpful in learning how to import customers into EZLynx from other management systems. Please let us know if this article was helpful by answering the question below. Check out the related training articles on the right side to learn more about how to master EZLynx!