EZLynx Accounting helps your agency manage many common Accounting tasks such as:

  • Agency bill invoicing
  • Record agency and direct bill customer payments with receipts
  • Track policy-related deposits to various bank accounts for commissions, premiums, and other receivables
  • Use AutoPay to create multiple checks at once for various payees
  • Perform end-of-day tasks, like printing a deposit summary or check report

Other agency-related financial transactions – like running profit; loss or expense reports, and tasks like bank reconciliations are still performed within QuickBooks.

If interested in obtaining the Accounting product, please have an agency Admin complete the online Accounting Setup Request FormOnce submitted, an Accounting specialist will be in contact with further instructions.

Agency Setup Tasks

Once an agency has obtained the EZLynx Accounting product, the agency Admin will have a few setup tasks to complete. Check out this Accounting: System Configuration article on how to set things up!

If you our going to integrate EZLynx into your QuickBooks, make sure to take a look at the Quickbooks Setup video below!


Training Materials

After all Accounting setup tasks have been completed, it is time to start using the product! The first step to being most efficient and accurate when using EZLynx Accounting, is to review the Training Materials and/or sign up for an Accounting Webinar.

Check out our live webinars or our previously recorded ones! Also take a look our out Where can I find Training Content? article to learn about all the training options like our Accounting YouTube Playlist!

Training Materials

Tips & Fixes

QuickBooks Tips & Fixes

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